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We've helped thousands of people get rid of bed bugs, and we can help you do the same, safely & naturally. was founded with the mission of helping people successfully win their battle against those pesky hard to kill bed bugs. We continually improve our treatment systems with the latest techniques and resources to aid you in your battle against bed bugs. It is our mission to provide you the customer with all the cutting edge information and solutions that are proven and guaranteed to work. Bed Bug Patrol products have been used in numerous top rated international hotel chains and thanks to the effectiveness of our Bed Bug Treatment Solutions we have become one of the largest bed bug supply stores in the country. Bill Carlson has been creating natural formulas for numerous products since 2003. In his travels around the world, he has seen and heard the horror stories of bed bugs. Discovering that most products contained unsafe chemicals, he became determined to find what natural products were on the market to kill these blood sucking pests and if there were none he?d develop one. After not finding any effective natural alternatives, he began research and development on a product that would be natural AND effective at killing bed bugs. Thus Bed Bug Patrol® was born, making it the first all natural, ready-to-use bed bug killing spray on the market, and just in time before the big bed bug epidemic hit. That was over 8 years ago. ?Eight years ago, I started hearing rumblings that bed bugs were becoming a big problem again and the only way to get rid of them was with chemicals that contained carcinogenic ingredients. In 2004, I decided to come up with a formula using only 100% EPA exempt natural ingredients. After a year of laboratory testing and reformulating, I developed Bed Bug Patrol, a natural alternative to traditional pesticides that proved in extensive laboratory testing to work.? ?Humans and animals aren?t affected by the active ingredients at these concentrations, but bed bugs are.? ?Traveling is the number one way to bring bed bugs home with you and more and more people are getting bitten in hotels, planes, cruise ships or just about anywhere these days. From 5-star hotels, resorts, and cruise ships, to your local motel, bed bugs can easily invade your luggage and belongings while traveling. We not only sell larger sizes for the home, we have sold a 3 oz. travel size for several years as well. However, there was a need for a smaller more convenient size, so we produced a refillable pen sprayer that can easily be packed in a suitcase, briefcase or purse and can be taken everywhere you go.?-Bill Carlson