Washington’s Top Rated Local® Architect Award Winner: Hybrid Architecture

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Hybrid Architecture is a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner!

Our team at Top Rated Local® is thrilled to say that, with a 91.05 Rating Score™, a 4.91 average star rating, and tons of positive reviews, Hybrid Architecture is a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner! This team has worked tirelessly to ensure that their clients are absolutely thrilled with both the process and the finished product. Focusing on ideas before objects, they put one project at a time, always with a keen eye on quality. Being in a cyclical industry, the Hybrid Architecture firm has all the steps covered, as they are able to provide both design and building services to their valued clients.

Helping The Community Grow Sustainably

We got a chance to speak with Robert Humble, the owner, principle, and founding partner of Hybrid Architecture, about his business’ impressive online reputation.

Robert and his team take immense pride in making Hybrid Architecture a force for good in their community. “Our region is in the midst of a housing and affordability crisis, and architects need to be on point because they control how it’s physically and economically developed,” he said. “Our background is in creating spaces and creating cities. All of the townhouses we develop have a ground floor flux space that can be used as a social dwelling or an Airbnb. The majority of the buyers we work with use flux spaces for Airbnbs or home offices. The design allows for a nuclear family, and it’s a unit that can adapt to changing needs. If you have a child, you could have space [for a nursery], or if you wanted to start a home-based business, they have the capacity for that. It helps people stay in the units longer. ”

A One-of-a-Kind Architecture Firm’s Secret to a Strong Online Reputation

So, what exactly is the secret to Hybrid Architecture’s success? If you ask Robert, it’s simple: “Thought-provoking projects and content.”

As an award-winning business owner, Robert has quite a bit of wisdom to pass on to other business owners, especially that of architecture firms. Here’s the advice he gave us to pass on to you:

“Create a project that is outside the norm. A lot of our work was competition work where we drew attention. [It’s] not about generating income, but about generating interest.”

Thank you for speaking with us, Robert! Congratulations to the team at Hybrid Architecture for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner!

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