Arizona’s Top Rated Local® Architect Award Winner: Soloway Designs

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Soloway Designs is one of the top five architects in the entire state of Arizona!

Thanks to their hard work and dedication to their clients, Soloway Designs has earned a ton of positive online reviews. So many, in fact, that they built up an impressive 94.00 Rating Score™ on Top Rated Local, making them a 2018 award winner! These are just a couple of those reviews:

“When moving back to Tucson, AZ, we had difficulty finding homes with a modern and contemporary design aesthetic. Although Soloway Designs does an incredible job on new build designs, they also specialize in redesigning older homes. We live in a home that was originally built in the late 1960s but was lacking in function, form and modern amenities. Soloway Designs did an amazing job keeping the original character of the home, but also redesigning it with modern elements that captured the surrounding desert landscape and downtown views. We love it!” -Charlene B.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Marc Soloway and Soloway Designs on the building of our dream home. After reviewing our budget, needs for our home, and unique lot, Marc designed a modern home with a cozy feel for our family. We love the design and details that make our house special. We would love to work with Marc again in the future.” -Marc R.

Not Your Average Architect

Owner, Marc Soloway, took a few minutes to chat with us about his company and how they achieved such a stellar online reputation. When asked what the Soloway Designs difference is, he said, “We do things differently. Our programming process is very detailed, we listen to every word the client says and, even before we start designing, we make sure all criteria, the budget, the plan, the components, match up. This prevents the kind of surprises that pop up with other architects. Also, our design styles are high quality and very unique.”

We were curious as to why Marc does what he does. “I always wanted to be an architect, since [I was] nine or 10 years old, so I’m doing exactly what I always wanted to do. I love solving problems for my clients and giving every client the best possible house, whether it’s a half-a-million dollar or a five-million-dollar house, it doesn’t matter.”, he said.

Building Success Through Excellent Work

Clearly, Soloway Designs is truly invested in giving their clients the absolute best. When asked what the secret to online success has been for Soloway designs, Marc said, “I really don’t know. I’ve kind of hated myself for letting my social media presence fall off but the quality of our work leads to word of mouth and that alone keeps us pretty busy. “

Marc’s advice to other business owners that are looking to build up a great online reputation? It’s simply about the clients. Make sure your clients are happy because, if they are not, it will absolutely kill you.

Congratulations to the team at Soloway Designs for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner!

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