Texas’ Top Rated Local® Acupuncturists Award Winner: Premier Chiropractic

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Premier Chiropractic is a 2018 award winner for acupuncturists in Texas!

When you are searching for an expert in acupuncture, make sure to check out one of the best acupuncturists in all of Texas: Premier Chiropractic in Pearland.

Premier Chiropractic has received over 100 reviews on five verified sites with an average rating of 4.93 stars, earning them an incredible Rating Score™ of 94.33 and a 2018 Top Rated Local award for ranking as one of the best acupuncturists in the state of Texas.

Check out what their clients are saying in one of their five-star reviews::

“I’m extremely happy and thankful with the services I received from Premier Chiropractic. I was provided excellent care and the staff was extremely helpful and welcoming. I’m amazed with my outcome and with how much progress I’ve made since coming to Premier Chiropractor!” – Chasity L.

Not Your Average Acupuncturist

We took a few minutes to chat with Randy, case manager at Premier Chiropractic, to learn a little bit more about the business and how they managed to build such an amazing online reputation.

The first thing we wanted to know is what sets Premier Chiropractic apart from other acupuncturists. Randy told us: 

“The biggest thing that sets us apart is the quality of the service we provide. On top of that, our staff is extremely friendly and welcoming.”

We also asked Randy why they do what they do at Premier Chiropractic and how they work to make the world a better place. He explained that their goal is to help as many people that are suffering as possible. Each patient that walks through the door is an opportunity to improve someone’s life.

The Key To A Great Reputation Is Diligence

Randy is not surprised about the fantastic online reputation Premier Chiropractic has amassed. Randy said this:

“The secret to what we do is very simple. Just give good service! If your service is excellent, then people will leave you a positive review.”

There are so many other business owners out there looking to grow their business and build their online reputation. Here’s Randy’s sage advice for those business owners:

“If you provide a quality product and service, the rest will take care of itself.”

Congratulations to the team at Premier Chiropractic for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner, and thank you so much, Randy, for taking the time to speak with us!

If you’re looking for a high quality acupuncture and chiropractic service provider in Texas, we highly recommend Premier Chiropractic. Visit their website today!

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