Arizona’s Top Rated Local® Architects Award Winner: Kendle Design Collaborative

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Kendle Design Collaborative is an award winner for architects in Arizona for the second year in a row!

If you’re looking for an architecture firm that can bring your vision to life, look no further than Kendle Design Collaborative in Scottsdale.

Kendle Design Collaborative has received dozens of reviews with an average rating of 4.81 stars, earning them a fantastic Rating Score™ of 95.14 and a 2019 Top Rated Local award for ranking among the top five architects in all of Arizona!

Here’s just one of the many five-star reviews that helped them win for the second year in a row:

“We have admired Brent’s design of contemporary homes over the years and knew he would be our first call when we decided to build another home. In addition to tremendous talent, Brent is a good listener and quickly responded to our questions. Brent created our beautiful new home with a floor plan that will fit the changes life presents through the years. The details of his work have been admired by many.” – Linda B.

Maintaining a Strong Online Reputation by Sticking to Their Word

Brent Kendle, the owner of Kendle Design Collaborative, sat down with us for a few minutes so that we could learn about what his team has been up to over the last year.

Winning a Top Rated Local award once is a sign that a company knows how to build a solid online reputation, but as a second-time award winner, Kendle Design Collaborative clearly has a lot of insight into also maintaining their online reputation. Brent told us that it all comes down to doing what they say they will, as well as to providing the best design and service they can to their clients. He also pointed to their passion and ability to listen to their clients and follow through on what they need.

When asked what makes Kendle Design Collaborative stand out, Brent said:

“We have a total of five people, and we are a boutique design firm focused on modern luxury design. Modern is what we are passionate about. We were doing modern design before it was popular and everyone started jumping on the bandwagon. Being small allows us to be very choosy about the clients and projects we take on. We focus solely on the work that has the greatest potential for outstanding design and elevated client experience. Our primary market is in Arizona; however, we have projects underway in multiple states, as well as proposals for homes in Portugal and the Middle East.”

Every new year comes with new lessons and new achievements, and when we asked what those were for Kendle Design Collaborative, Brent told us:

“The biggest lesson for anyone is that character matters. What you do when people are not looking is more important than what you do when people are looking. Integrity is everything.
We aren’t perfect, but when we fall short, we take ownership of it and move forward. We may work in the fifth-largest city in the US, but it is truly a small town. One instance of dishonesty or slip of character can sink a business for good, ruining your reputation with the individuals that ultimately have the ability to bring you success.”

Brent went on to tell us about their biggest accomplishment:

“Our biggest accomplishment has been to assemble and keep a core team of individuals who
have the highest character, are very talented and hard-working, and are passionate about what they do. It is really what allows us to do what we are able to do. We could not be successful without the talent and passionate people who are committed and want to work for this company continuously.”

Looking Forward with Kendle Design Collaborative

Being a part of a small business is not always easy, and that’s why we wanted to know why they do what they do at Kendle Design Collaborative. Brent shared with us:

“The most rewarding part is getting to do what we love and getting paid for it. Everyone here is passionate about what they do to the point that,if it wasn’t our profession, it would be our hobby. We are blessed to meet a lot of unique, successful people, and get to know them very well through the process of designing their homes…”

As an award-winning company, we expect big things out of Kendle Design Collaborative, and we were excited to find out what comes next. Brent told us that they aim to keep raising the bar with the type of projects they are doing, and to look for opportunities to branch out into the top tier of architecture nationwide to compete for design opportunities in unique locations that will stretch their creativity.”

It’s clear to us that, as the owner of a second-time award winner, Brent has learned a lot about growing a successful business and building an online reputation. When we asked what advice he has for business owners who are just starting out, he said:

“You need to find what you’re passionate about. Do what makes you happy and brings you joy, as cliche as that sounds. …Continue to focus on that rather than on what everyone else may think is a path to success.”

Brent ended our conversation by giving a shoutout to his crew, who he says does a great job and makes it possible for Kendle Design Collaborative to do what they do.

Congratulations to Brent and the team at Kendle Design Collaborative for a Top Rated Local award winner for the second year in a row.

When you need an architect on your side in Scottsdale, we highly recommend Kendle Design Collaborative! Visit their website today.

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