Colorado’s Top Rated Local® Barber Shop Award Winner: Irma Lucas Master Barber

For a stylist that can’t be beat in Greenwood Village and the Denver Tech Center, there’s no better place to turn to than Irma Lucas Master Barber.

Top Rated Local® is proud to announce that, due to her incredible Rating Score™, Irma Lucas Master Barber is an award-winning barber shop in Colorado for 2018.

Irma Lucas has been a stylist since 1997, and is licensed as a barber, a cosmetologist, a nail technician, an esthetician, and a massage therapist. She has been trained in the latest cutting techniques by the best in the industry, including Redken for Men, American Crew, and The Art of Shaving.

Whether a client is coming in for a quick neckline cleanup or a whole new look, Irma Lucas is always dedicated to helping them achieve the look they want and giving them an exceptional experience.

Thanks to a barbershop experience like no other, Irma has earned a long list of positive reviews, as well as a staggering 96.0 Rating Score.

How does she do it? We sat down with Irma Lucas herself to find out.

What is your secret to such a strong online reputation?

I have to credit my clients for taking the time to acknowledge me with such positive reviews. If they hadn’t take the time to leave me reviews, I would not have won this award. I have a loyal clientele, and I am grateful for it.

What makes you different? In other words, if you had one minute to sell somebody on why they should choose you, what would you say?

I really try to give very personalized care. Because I have also been trained in massage, I can recognize when someone has a headache or neck pain and I try to shape my service to be a respite during the course of their day.

The men that I see are hard-working, family men by and large. When they are here, I want them to be able to relax and recoup for those 35+ minutes. I want to make that time as comfortable as possible. That is why I give head and shoulder massages with oils, and I always give haircuts to the best of my ability. When clients leave, they are always looking sharp and feeling rejuvenated.

Why do you do what you do? In other words, what is your mission and/or how do you attempt to make the world a better place?

My mission is to serve people. I have always enjoyed serving people in one way or another. I think that honoring the people I come into contact with, caring for them, and listening to them are some of the ingredients people are missing in life. I want clients to come in, relax, and be confident that they are going to get what they want. So, I provide an atmosphere where they can come in and have a good, relaxing experience.

I also give 10 percent of my business gross earnings to local, national, and international charities including the Denver Rescue Mission, the ASPCA, the Southern Law Poverty Center, the Alzheimer’s Association, and UNICEF.

Outside of building a strong online reputation, what else do you do to market and grow your business?

I really try to take care of my clients and their families as personally as I can. I reach out to them and set myself up to be their personal barber, adjusting my schedule to fit their schedules. My mission is to be a personal barber who is there for you and no one else during your appointment. I never want anyone to feel like they are being rushed. I greet them at the door and walk them out. I always give them my complete attention while they are here.

What advice do you have for other businesses trying to build a strong online reputation and grow their business?

I think that, whatever the service is, you should always question how you would treat your most loved relative. How far would you go to serve them and to show them that you love them? If you do that for your clients, your reputation, whether online or not, will take care of itself.

Congratulations to Irma Lucas Master Barber for providing next-level service to her clients and for being a Top Rated Local 2018 Barber Shop Award Winner in Colorado!

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