Connecticut’s Top Rated Local® Award Winner: Orange Restoration Labs

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Orange Restoration Labs is an award winner in 2019.

If your wedding gown is in need of restoration or cleaning, we highly recommend you reach out to this award-winning company!

Orange Restoration Labs has received many overwhelmingly positive reviews across five different verified sites with an average rating of 4.91 stars, earning them an impressive Rating Score™ of 99.15 and a 2019 Top Rated Local award for ranking as one of the top 50 businesses in Connecticut!

Here’s just one of their many five-star reviews:

“I had a delightful experience working with Sally at Orange Restoration Labs. My daughter’s wedding gown clearly showed evidence of an outdoor reception; the bottom of it was very soiled. When I arrived to inspect the gown after Sally worked her magic, it looked absolutely brand new! In addition to the expert cleaning, Sally had also reattached several sections of the beading that had become loose. She packaged it with tender love and care in a beautiful box. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend anyone interested in having a dress or gown professionally cleaned or restored to contact Sally. You will not be disappointed.” – M.D.

It is because of excellent reviews like this that Orange Restoration Labs is now able to call themselves a Top Rated Local award winner!

Not Your Average Gown Restoration and Preservation Company

Orange Restoration Labs opened in 1990 and is now the largest gown care service in New England. We were excited to learn all about Orange Restoration Labs and how they have gotten where they are today, so we sat down with the owner, Sally Lorensen Conant.

The first thing we wanted to know was what it is that makes Orange Restoration Labs stand apart from its competitors.

“We hand-spot all of our wedding gowns. By the time it goes into the machine, it is already clean, but we need to rinse the solution we use to remove the stains from the dress. We’re not just letting the machine do all the work, the dress is in and out of the machine as quickly as possible. Some dresses are extremely fragile, so the less mechanical action you subject it to, the better for it. We also give the bride the opportunity to inspect the gown when it is done. Then we pack it while she waits in a museum-quality wedding chest that is completely acid-free. We guarantee the gown will not yellow or have caramelized sugar stains, and we press the dress at no charge when it is to be used again. We also have a process that returns yellowed and stained vintage gowns to the true color. ”

She went on to tell us about the importance of offering unforgettable customer service:

“The key to a successful interaction with the bride is to give her a continuation of her wedding day experience. It’s not just a transaction, and the wedding gown is not just a dress. It represents all those iconic moments of the wedding. We want our customers to know it’s not just a dress to us, either; it’s very important. We want you to be happy with the way it looks and the way it is packed.”

She also shared their business motto:

“Our tagline is: Because you love your gown!”

Building Success, Online And Off

Orange Restoration Labs has earned a phenomenal reputation, so we were excited to hear about some of the ways they have grown their business. Sally told us that she partners with, and has been recognized on other wedding websites, as well. She has also received plenty of recognition from reviews and referrals. We asked Sally what her secret has been to getting those fabulous reviews. She said:

“When the bride tells you that she is going to recommend you to all her friends is when I will ask for a review. We do feature and on our website, so customers can read and write reviews as well. We take a lot of pride in the awards we have won on both of those sites because of our outstanding reviews!”

She told us about an incredible association she is a part of:

“I am also the Executive Director of a group, called The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. It is a non-profit trade association with members in eight countries. All of us honor each others’ guarantees. Our guarantee is not just limited to Orange Restoration Labs; any of our members will honor the guarantee on our work. We guarantee that, when you take out the gown, it will still be clean, and if it is not, for whatever reason, we will clean it for you, free of charge.”

Sally also told us about their efforts to be an ethical and charitable company:

“We also do what we can to respect the environment, and we make donations to a climate-solution organization that uses the money to plant trees. We clean and preserve gowns at no charge for a charitable organization, too.”

There are many businesses out there that are looking to build as impressive a reputation as Orange Restoration Labs has managed to. We asked if Sally could share any expert advice with these companies. Here’s what she had to say:

“The first thing is to evaluate the market and make sure there is enough of a business opportunity to do what you are doing. You should also know who your competitors are and what you can offer that they don’t. You need to distinguish yourself from the others. Lastly, you need a really good marketing strategy as well!”

Congratulations to Orange Restoration Labs for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner, and special thanks to Sally for taking the time to speak with us!

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