Oregon’s Top Rated Local® Award Winner: Robert Rust DMD

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that the dental office of Robert Rust DMD is a 2018 award winner!

It’s not every day that people love their dentist so much, they’re willing to take time out of their day to leave a positive review. That being said, Robert Rust DMD has impressed patients so thoroughly that they’ve received enough positive reviews to be one of the top 100 businesses in the entire state of Oregon! Here are just two examples:

“It seems funny to review my dentist, but if you are looking for a great dentist with a friendly and skilled staff, check out Dr. Rust and friends. I have been going there since I moved to Eugene in 1993. My husband and his parents also go here. We followed their old family hygienist to Dr. Rust when their previous ads retired, and now that hygienist has retired and we have had many years with Judy, and now we are edging over to Kelly as well (because now Judy is getting close to retirement)… They really aim for great, gentle, friendly service. I am in the middle of having my 3rd or 4th crown in that time, and though it isn’t exactly pleasant, Dr. Rust has a great touch and they have all worked out very well, and I have kept all my teeth and avoided root canals, etc… “ -Laura

“Dr. Rust and our hygienist are always very friendly and put you at ease whether it’s for dental work or a simple cleaning. The office is quiet, small and has a pleasant family-friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend.” -Chantel

Not Your Average Dentist

We spoke with Kara Dewitt, the marketing director over at Robert Rust DMD’s office.

So, what is it exactly that sets this dental office apart from the crowd? “It’s the patient relationships. People have been coming to him for 30 years, whether they have insurance or not because of how we make them feel,” Kara said. “Dr. Rust is also really good at making patients feel comfortable during the procedures. Even just being in there, we hear from everyone how comfortable they feel. Some people have had horror stories and they never go to a dentist… we can really change their experience.”

Building Success Through Unbeatable Care

It’s apparent how much this team cares about their patients. Throughout our conversation with Kara, we noticed just how much work they put into making them comfortable. When we asked Kara what their secret to success is, she said, “Really it’s just about patient care. Not just production. It’s really mostly taking care of them and creating a solid relationship with them. Making them feel as comfortable as possible.”
What does she believe is the key to an awesome reputation?

“Just being kind! I just realized that customer service no longer exists in certain places. So glad that here in Eugene, people are super nice!”

Thank you for speaking with us, Kara! Congratulations to the team at Robert Rust DMD for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner!

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