Ohio’s Top Rated Local® House Cleaning Companies Award Winner: Maid Brite, LLC

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Maid Brite, LLC is the number one house cleaning company in all of Ohio for 2019!

Come home to a spotless, stress-free home in Cleveland with the help of the experts at Maid Brite, LLC.

Maid Brite, LLC has received dozens of reviews on four verified sites with an average rating of 4.86 stars, earning them a spectacular Rating Score™ of 96.59 and a 2019 Top Rated Local award for being ranked the number one house cleaning company in all of Ohio!

Here’s just one of their many five-star reviews:

“Our house never gets more love than when Maid Brite cleans! Everyone is quick and efficient and always kind. Maid Brite also provides great customer service!” – Lane S.

Not Your Average House Cleaning Company

We wanted to know what makes Ohio’s number one house cleaning company so special, so we took a few minutes to talk with the owner, Mary Jo Dean.

The first question we had for Mary Jo was what makes Maid Brite, LLC unique compared to their competition in Ohio. Here’s what she had to say:

“We differentiate ourselves by having a significantly upgraded commitment to our employees compared to our competitors. This commitment to our employees creates a better result for the client. Simply put, happy employees equal happy clients.”

We also asked Mary Jo about Maid Brite, LLC’s mission and how they work to make the world a better place. Mary Jo told us:

“Our clients work hard to manage their busy lives, and we work hard because we understand that a clean home isn’t merely a luxury — it’s sanity in the midst of today’s over-scheduled, stressful life.”

Building Success by Providing Great Service and Asking for Reviews

When we asked Mary Jo what their secret is to such a strong online reputation at Maid Brite, LLC, she said:

“Two things, we provide a great service, and we ask clients for a review.”

Apart from building the kind of online reputation any business would envy, Maid Brite, LLC has spread the word about their service through referrals from happy, their website and their commitment to their employees, which has generated significant exposure. They are also in a visible location in Shaker Heights.

Every business owner wants to grow their business and build their online reputation the way Maid Brite, LLC has. Here’s Mary Jo’s advice for them:

“It’s pretty straightforward. Be excellent at what you offer, and then ask for what you need.”

Congratulations to the team at Maid Brite, LLC for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner, and thank you so much, Mary Jo, for taking the time to speak with us!

We highly recommend Maid Brite, LLC in Cleveland. Visit their website today!

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