Idaho’s Top Rated Local® Janitorial Companies Award Winner: Idaho Maintenance

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Idaho Maintenance is an award winner for janitorial companies in 2019.

If you are looking for an excellent local janitorial company, look no further than this award-winning company!

Idaho Maintenance has received many overwhelmingly positive reviews across multiple verified sites with an average rating of 4.87 stars, earning them an impressive Rating Score™ of 86.71 and a 2019 Top Rated Local award for ranking as the number one janitorial company in Idaho!

Here’s just one of their many five-star reviews:

“I requested a cleaning service after an event. The employees were very professional, respectful, and punctual. They provided great customer service, and the cleaning job was spotless! I definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for top-of-the-line service.” – A.J.

It is because of excellent reviews like this that Idaho Maintenance is now able to call themselves a Top Rated Local award winner!

Not Your Average Janitorial Company

We were excited to learn all about Idaho Maintenance and how they have gotten where they are today, so we sat down with Admir Susak, who co-owns the company.

The first thing we wanted to know was what it is that makes Idaho Maintenance stand apart from its competitors. Admir told us that they focus on giving their clients the best possible attention and care possible. When they decide to take on new clients, they first make sure that all of their systems are in place to accommodate that growth while still being able to offer the quality of service they are known for. Admir said:

“Our retention rate is phenomenal when compared to the rest of the industry. Most of our clients stick with us for years and years.”

The quality of care and the personal connection that Idaho Maintenance provides is simply unmatched. Here’s just one example of what you can expect from them:

“We will drop off cookies for all of our clients. We’ll go pick up Pastry Perfection cookies and drop them off to all of our clients and check in with them face-to-face. We like to see how everything is going. We do these little things and check in on them and make them notice that we really do care. If we’re doing something wrong, we want to know about it.”

Building Success And Giving Back

Idaho Maintenance has earned a fantastic reputation, so we asked Admir how they have managed to grow their business and get such great online reviews. He said:

“We’ll ask people after the service to let us know how we did – good, bad or the ugly – just to leave us a review and that way we can improve on what we need to.”

In addition to building the kind of online reputation that any small business would envy, Idaho Maintenance has spread the word about who they are and what they do through word of mouth and by finding ways to give back to the community. Admir said that they will often provide a free or discounted service for federally-funded or government-funded businesses that provide a service to the community. He said:

“We serve or help the community by allowing local businesses to save money and allocate more of their funds towards community projects.”

There are many businesses out there that are looking to build as impressive a reputation as Idaho Maintenance has managed to. We asked if Admir could share any expert advice with these companies. Here’s what he had to say:

“Focus on the quality and not the quantity. Make sure that all the clients that you do have are taken care of as best as they possibly can be. It’s a long process to grow a company, but I think that if you do it incorrectly and focus on only the growth versus the quality of the service that you’re offering to your clients, you might grow quick, but you’re going to be losing people left and right because your quality is going to falter… The best advice I can provide is to focus on the quality and to make sure all the infrastructure and support, as far as employees, are in place before expanding too quickly. The growth will come naturally.”

Congratulations to Idaho Maintenance for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner, and special thanks to Admir for taking the time to speak with us!

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