Arizona’s Top Rated Local® Limousine Service Award Winner: Wright Executive Limousines

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Wright Executive Limousines is one of the top 10 limousine services in the entire state of Arizona!

“I contracted them for my granddaughter’s Winter Formal dance at school. The service was outstanding. The driver was at the pickup location 10 minutes early and was very courteous as he ushered the (8) kids into the limo. The company provided sparkling soda for refreshments. The driver delivered the kids to the dance on time. After the dance, the driver was right on time at the drop off point. All the kids had nothing but good things to say about the experience. This limousine service was so worth the money. Prompt, very courteous, and personable—and an outstanding looking limousine! I [am] definitely going to use them again and recommend them to all I know.” -C. Wright

This is just one of the many reviews that earned Wright Executive Limousines their fantastic 90.00 Rating Score™ and a 2018 Top Rated Local award!

Not Your Average Limousine Service 

Co-owner, Bill Lake-Wright, took some time to speak with us about his business’ exemplary online reputation and success.

We asked him what made him and his company different, to which he said:
“Both my dad, who is the co-owner, and I, are retired military, so we have that sense of service. The company is 90-percent former military or first responders, so we are people used to serving the community and putting themselves out there for people, to help others. That’s kind of been our vision—to make it a very memorable moment, and that’s how we run things. When I retired from the military, I had a construction company and that was nice. It was kind of my little signature on something permanent, but I didn’t have that daily sense of fulfillment. It was a lot of stress up until the completed project, for both me and the customers. So, I wanted to do something that was better.

People rent a limousine because they are celebrating a special event in their lives and we get the opportunity to partake in that special event and help make it even more wonderful. It’s a feel-good job. No other words describe it better than that, it’s just a plain feel-good job. They are happy to see you when you arrive. They’re happy during the event and they’re happy when they’re done, and you kind of walk away from it going, “You know what? I really had a good day today. I met some great people, they had a wonderful time, and they will remember this moment forever.”

Building Success Through Incredible Service

Throughout our conversation with Bill, it became more and more clear how much he and his team care about providing their customers with an unmatched experience. They truly take pride in participating in the special moment of their customers’ lives. So, What’s their secret to success? “Customer service. Obviously, we are in a service industry, and we are in a high-end service industry at that, so the customers that are renting want that full-service package. It’s not just renting a limousine. They want the chauffeur. They want someone to open the doors for them. The little things. Looking nice, being polite, opening doors, having well-maintained limousines, sending follow up cards or emails, and everything else like that, to make sure everything is right.”

Congratulations to the team at Wright Executive Limousines for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner!

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