Virginia’s Top Rated Local® Massage Therapist Award Winner: WholeBody Massage

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that WholeBody Massage is one of the top 10 massage therapists in the entire state of Virginia for 2019!

WholeBody Massage is a 2019 Top rated Local award winner, thanks to their tremendous 87.30 Rating Score™, perfect five-star average rating, and dozens of positive reviews from happy customers — including these three:

“Eileen at WholeBody Massage is a dedicated therapist with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She really troubleshoots when working on me and tries to find the real source of the problem in order to maximize the efficiency of the session. You’re getting a compassionate yet professional therapist who’s taught a number of modalities as an instructor herself! Highly recommended for therapeutic massage. Amazing!” -Bowen L.

“The first massage I received from Eileen was the best I ever had. I left feeling entirely calm and relaxed, and the feeling lasted the rest of the day! I keep going back for more. [She is] very professional and very skilled. She creates an excellent soothing atmosphere in the room as well.” -Jesica B.

“Eileen is the best massage therapist I have ever seen. I highly recommend her to everyone. Professional, relaxing environment with customized massage options. You will not be disappointed.” -Sommer H.

A One-of-a-Kind Massage Therapist’s Secret to a Strong Online Reputation

Our team got a chance to speak with Eileen Monaghan, the owner of WholeBody Massage Therapy.

So, what exactly is the WholeBody Massage secret to success? “I went back to the basics and just asked my clients to post reviews. I also pay for the extra perks for scheduling and that includes an automated email list after appointments for people,” Eileen said. “I also specialize in prenatal massage, so I advertise with some local doulas and prenatal yoga teachers.”

Building Success By Sticking With It

“It comes down to loving what you do. Clients make me who I am. I also listen to what their goals are and make sure to work toward those,” Eileen said, when asked what sets her business apart from other massage therapists in the area.

Eileen has certainly enjoyed quite a bit of success, in large part thanks to her ability to give her clients the very best in massage therapy services. She has the following advice to offer other business owners that want to build, improve, or maintain a positive reputation:

“Don’t cut corners. Don’t sell yourself short. It’s important to write down your goals and boundaries. Makes sure you stay the course and stick with your goals.”

Thank you for speaking with us, Eileen! Congratulations to the team at WholeBody Massage Therapy for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner!

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