California’s Top Rated Local® Private Investigator Award Winner: Foglight Investigations

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Foglight Investigations is a 2018 award winner, due to their impressive 96.00 Rating Score™ and a tremendously high average rating of 5.00 stars over a wide variety of verified review sites!

“I am an attorney and have known and worked with Art for many years. He has handled multiple investigation projects for my office, and his work product has been exemplary on each occasion. I have found him to be hard working, ethical, and his prices have always been more than fair. He responds quickly to most inquiries, and has even completed many investigations the same day. I have used many investigators over the past 30 years, and Art rates with the best.” -Scott K.

“As a last effort, I hired Foglight to help my family look for our brother who has been missing for 31 years. We needed closure — it was time to know what happened to him. We were unable to get his SS number and only had his name and birth date. As shocking as it all still is to us, Art found our brother, alive and within two-hour drive. We have so many questions for him, and thanks to Art, the reconciling can begin. Thank you and God Bless.” -Linda S.

“I was very impressed by the work Foglight provided for me. I needed surveillance completed for personal reasons, and Foglight was, first of all, very responsive, very discreet (couldn’t believe they were never caught), and professional in how they handled themselves overall. Highly recommend.” -Nick M.

Those are just three of the dozens of reviews that earned Foglight Investigations a place among the top five private investigators in the entire state of California, as well as a spot among the top five private investigators in the state!

Not Your Average Private Investigation Company

We got a chance to speak with Art, the CEO of Foglight Investigations, about his business. During our conversation, we found out that Art was a police officer for 12 years in San Francisco. After that, he moved on to surveillance jobs, realizing he could help people in different ways than he was able to as a police officer, which led to him open Foglight Investigations.

Art operates his business differently than many private investigators in that he focuses on truth and integrity between him and his clients. The team at Foglight believes in setting realistic expectations and, to keep them even more honest, provides live updates during investigations. At Foglight Investigations, the job isn’t done until the customer says so.

Building Success Through Integrity

According to Art, the secret to his success is giving true and realistic expectations, and delivering on those expectations. He takes each case seriously and cares about delivering the best to the people he serves. His advice to other businesses is short and sweet, but incredibly important:

“Be honest. It’s the biggest thing.”

Congratulations to the team at Foglight Investigations for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner!

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