Oklahoma’s Top Rated Local® Roofing Contractors Award Winner: Statewide Roofing

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Statewide Roofing is a 2019 award winner for roofing contractors in Oklahoma!

For dependable, professional roofing services, you won’t find a better company to work with than Statewide Roofing.

Statewide Roofing has received dozens of reviews with an average rating of 4.91 stars, earning them an excellent Rating Score™ of 97.14 and a 2019 Top Rated Local award for ranking among the top five roofing contractors in all of Oklahoma!

Here’s just one of their many five-star reviews:

“Statewide Roofing just did my roof today, and I’m amazed at the professionalism they gave me. I was expecting some debris to be left or my flower garden to be damaged. But once I got home, our house looked like they were never there. I could not find one thing on the ground or in the grass that showed that they were here… I will be passing their name to my friends. Thanks, Statewide, for a good-looking roof.” – Steven H.

Not Your Average Roofing Company

We wanted to learn all about Statewide Roofing and its impressive online reputation, so we took a few minutes to talk with the owner, Blaze.

The first question we had for Blaze was what is it that sets Statewide Roofing apart from their competition in Oklahoma. Here’s Blaze’s response:

“We just focus on how we take care of our customers. We are all family, there is a personal relationship with every job. We prove it, and then pay us when you feel satisfied. We don’t take advantage of anyone; we just want the best. I would rather go to someone’s house and make it right, over sending them an apology email that is less personable.”

We also wanted to know what their mission is at Statewide Roofing and how they work to make the world a better place. Here’s what Blaze had to say:

“We take great pride in our work and customer service, which consists of educating and providing our customers with accurate roofing solutions for their specific needs. We stand behind work and our workmanship, and believe that happy customers are the best advertisement.”

Building Success by Asking for Feedback

Blaze attributes Statewide Roofing’s strong online reputation to their commitment to asking for feedback:

“We care deeply about our reputation. When we ask for a review, we ask because we want to know how well we are doing or if we can improve on anything. We care about what they think and make sure that they are satisfied.”

Outside of building a powerful online reputation, Statewide Roofing has gotten their name out there through referrals from satisfied customers, face-to-face business meetings that make customers feel special and SEO (search engine optimization).

There are so many business owners out there looking to build the kind of online reputation Statewide Roofing has. Here’s Blaze’s expert advice for them:

“Don’t get stuck behind a computer — face-to-face interaction is huge. Be personable, and take care of your customers.”

Congratulations to the team at Statewide Roofing for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner, and thank you so much, Blaze, for taking the time to speak with us!

We highly recommend Statewide Roofing in Oklahoma City. Visit their website today!

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