Massachusetts’ Top Rated Local® Self Storage Centers Award Winner: All American Self Storage of Natick

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that All American Self Storage of Natick is a 2019 award winner for self storage centers in Massachusetts!

If you’re looking for a clean, secure storage center, there’s no better option than All American Self Storage of Natick.

All American Self Storage of Natick has received almost 200 reviews with an average rating of 4.98 stars, earning them a fantastic Rating Score™ of 93.77 and a 2019 Top Rated Local award for ranking among the top five self storage centers in all of Massachusetts!

Here’s just one of the many five-star reviews that got them there:

“Scott, the manager, is so easy to work with. The whole process was a breeze. He was helpful in picking a unit size for me (it was perfect!). The units are very clean. Highly recommend!” – Christianna M.

Not Your Average Self Storage Center

We wanted to learn what makes this award-winning business tick, so we took a few minutes to talk with Scott, the manager of All American Self Storage of Natick.

To kick off our conversation, we asked Scott about what it is that makes All American Self Storage of Natick unique compared to the many other self storage centers in Massachusetts. Scott told us:

“We have loading docks, which is kind of nice. Not a lot of facilities have that; it allows for bigger vehicles to come in. We’re located in a fairly central area, so we have a lot of commercial accounts. They have shipments and deliveries sent here. We help them out as far as that goes and signing paperwork, as long as they have a company name and a contact person. It’s a real convenience for them and something they depend on. We have 24-hour surveillance, and managers are here seven days a week. I think the biggest thing is really treating people like we would want to be treated — following the Golden Rule.”

We also asked Scott about the All American Self Storage of Natick mission and how they work to make the world a better place. Scott shared with us that they give back by providing the best service that they can. They are also wanting to get more involved with the Metro West Division of the Chamber of Commerce.

Building Success by Building Relationships

Scott credits All American Self Storage of Natick’s strong online reputation to their commitment to building relationships with their customers:

“We work hard to have a good relationship with anybody, whether they’re new to the facility or an existing tenant. We pay attention to them, to their needs and communicate with them. We make mention of, if they’re happy with the service, to please write us a review. We ask for the review a lot and make it a part of the conversation. We take care of the facility really well. It’s clean and well-lit.”

Outside of building a powerful online reputation, All American Self Storage of Natick has grown by getting out in their community and handing out flyers. Scott added:

“It’s important to get out there and be a part of the thread of the neighborhood. We also advertise through Craigslist. Word of mouth is really big here, and the facility has been around for 25 years. A lot of people recommend us to family, relatives and friends.”

There are many business owners looking to grow their business and build their online reputation. Here’s Scott’s expert advice for them:

“Make communication a part of your process through your day, whatever it might be. Today, reviews are king. Just on a personal level, any time my wife and I go anywhere, we check the reviews to make sure that they back up what these people are saying. It’s one thing to advertise, but you have to be able to back up what you’re doing day to day. Again, have that open line of communication. These people aren’t writing reviews for no reason; they’ve had a good experience. You’ve got to have the service, and that’s pretty lacking a lot of times. It’s always at the forefront to be kind, be professional and promote a good service, and you’ll get rewarded via the good reviews.”

Congratulations to All American Self Storage of Natick for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner, and thank you so much, Scott, for taking the time to speak with us!

We highly recommend All American Self Storage of Natick. Visit their website today!

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