Texas’ Top Rated Local® Award Winner: ExecuTesla

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that ExecuTesla has landed in the top 10 businesses in the entire state of Texas!

Thanks to a perfect Rating Score™ of 100.00 and a five-star rating average on verified review sites, ExecuTesla is a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner! These are just three of the tremendous reviews that got them here:

“Girls night out was made especially wonderful by ExecuTesla! We were picked up on time and in style by our courteous driver — he was even kind enough to take group photos for us. The car was beautiful and immaculate. The ride was made super fun, and we had a great night out on the town. I definitely recommend giving these guys a shot, especially if you’re tired of other rideshare options. You won’t be disappointed. These cars and service are stellar.” -Kaitlin B.

“We used them for our Sunday wedding in Kyle, TX. ExecuTesla was extremely easy to work with, gave us a great value for the rental, and the service was beyond impressive. Using their model X for our wedding exit car to Austin was a great choice. The car was amazing (of course) and the driver was very kind and attentive. We were very impressed with their service and value. We highly recommend for any car services you need.” -Joshua B.

“When I walked out and saw the Tesla in our driveway, I knew this would be one of our best dates ever! The driver was professional, reliable, and courteous. He offered to take pictures of us. The car was very cool and futuristic. When we arrived at the restaurant, the hotel people outside were commenting and intrigued.” -Sunshine A.

Not Your Average Car Service

Jed, president and CEO of ExecuTesla, took some time to chat with us about his company’s impressive online reputation.

For Jed, deciding to get into the Tesla game was not only a passion project, but a wise business decision. “I originally was a driver part time in a large vehicle, trying to save money for a business idea I had. I saw how much money was going into gas and upkeep in the car, and I saw an opportunity with Tesla to alleviate some of those costs.”

What makes ExecuTesla different from other car services out there? If you ask Jed, it’s “Customer service. We make sure to provide the customer [with] a positive experience. We are proactive in learning what the customer wants and tailoring the ride to their needs.”

Building Success With A Great Team

The secret to ExecuTesla’s success is best exemplified through the advice Jed has to offer other business owners.“Focus on hiring the right people and surrounding yourself with the right people, whether it be your employees or third parties doing your marketing. Do your research, look into what they have done in the past, and what others have said about them before you make a decision.”

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Jed. Congratulations to the team at ExecuTesla for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner!

For luxury car rental in Austin, we highly recommend ExecuTesla!

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