Georgia’s Top Rated Local® Therapists & Psychiatrists Award Winner: Dr. David B. Adams

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Dr. David B. Adams is an award winner for therapists in 2019!

If you are looking for a therapist that will truly give you the excellent standard of care you deserve, look no further than this award-winning company!

Dr. David B. Adams has received many overwhelmingly positive reviews across four different verified sites with an average rating of 4.83 stars, earning them an incredible Rating Score™ of 96.27 and a 2019 Top Rated Local award for ranking as the number one therapist in Georgia!

Here’s just one of his many five-star reviews:

“I have been seeing Dr. Adams for many years. He has always been kind, honest, and at times, very funny. His knowledge and experience are top notch. His staff is helpful and kind. His office is comfortable and welcoming. He has helped me understand myself better and work through some tough times. When times are easier, we discuss practical family and work situations. He always provides helpful insight in good times and bad. I don’t know where I’d be without him! I cannot recommend him strongly enough.”

It is because of rave reviews like this that Dr. David B. Adams is now able to call himself a Top Rated Local award winner!

Not Your Average Therapist

We were excited to learn all about how Dr. David B. Adams has been able to build such an exemplary reputation, so we sat down with Dr. Adams himself.

The first thing we wanted to know was what it is that makes Dr. David B. Adams stand apart from his competitors. In Dr. Adams’s words, “In reality, the practice has always sold itself by its very presence in Atlanta, its 34-year longevity, and the volume of referring medical practices, largely surgeons, medical schools, and hospitals. Being located int Atlanta’s well-known ‘pill-hill’ places Atlanta Medical Psychology in direct contact with three hospitals, mass transit, as well as an available pharmacy within the building. The Medical Quarters is a privately owned, upscale setting, and that is likely is a great contributor. It also houses numerous healthcare practices.”

When asked about his mission, Dr. Adams said, “The practice is a traditional psychodiagnostic and psychotherapeutic clinical entity. It is for those specifically seeking formal psychotherapy. To date, greater than 7,000 patients have been seen. The practice is limited to disorders and conditions, which I have studied and continue to study. I do not accept into the practice all patients who apply. Currently, I accept less than 20 percent of those who apply online, and quite often, there is a lengthy waiting list for prospective patients. The practice responds within hours to the online application.”

Building Success Through Time

We couldn’t let Dr. Adams go without finding out his secret to success. “A unique reputation will build itself over time.. It resonates with patients who want a specialist, and specialist-seeking is on the rise,” he said.

Dr. Adams has also had recognition by the American Psychological Association and Academies of practice.

There are many businesses out there that are looking to build as fantastic a reputation as Dr. David B. Adams has managed to. We asked if Dr. Adams could share any expert advice with these companies. Here’s what he had to say:

“It is important to have a specific and unique patient focus. Do not attempt to be a generalist and treat all patient populations or all disorders and conditions. Know your specific skill set, and function within it. Have competence that extends beyond simply being licensed in your field. Obtain special and specific recognition from entities that represent the top of your field. Such organizations are very selective, and patients are increasingly aware of the importance of board certification and sub-specialization.”

Congratulations to Dr. David B. Adams for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner, and special thanks to Dr. Adams for taking the time to speak with us! Check out their website here!

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