Washington DC’s Top Rated Local® Therapists & Psychiatrists Award Winner: Maheen Patel, M.D. PLLC Psychiatry

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Maheen Patel, M.D. PLLC Psychiatry is a 2019 award winner for therapists & psychiatrists in Washington DC!

When you need professional psychiatry in Washington DC, you need Maheen Patel, M.D. PLLC Psychiatry.

Maheen Patel, M.D. PLLC Psychiatry has received dozens of reviews with an average rating of 4.60 stars, earning it an outstanding Rating Score™ of 88.00 and a 2019 Top Rated Local award for ranking among the top five therapists & psychiatrists in all of Washington DC!

Not Your Average Psychiatrist

Dr. Maheen Patel, the owner of Maheen Patel, M.D. PLLC Psychiatry, generously gave us a few minutes of her time to tell us about this one-of-a-kind business and its award-winning online reputation.

The first thing we wanted to know was what it is that sets Maheen Patel, M.D. PLLC Psychiatry apart from the many other psychiatry clinics in Washington DC. Here’s Dr. Patel’s response:

“I would say that I am very outside of the box, and I approach healing very differently. I endeavor to look at struggle and suffering in more complex and multidimensional ways. I have many of my own treatment innovations. I seek the origin of presenting symptoms and endeavor to incorporate avenues of healing that address the root of issues. I truly care about my patients and forge a compassionate connection with every person who comes through my doors seeking help. The psychiatric care I provide is not just left-brain and analytical. My work with patients also powerfully incorporates my really intuitive and very creative right brain. When you align the two, that is where I have found the most profound healing occurs.”

Dr. Patel went on to say:

“I went into medical school knowing I wanted to be a psychiatrist. From age 12, I was fascinated by the mind and proceeded to study it from every perspective, from psychoanalysis to neurochemistry to existential philosophy. For me, the choice of my profession actually consolidated slowly over the course of my entire life. Psychiatry is not just a destination of education for me.”

We also wanted to know why Dr. Patel does what she does and how she works to make the world a better place. Dr. Patel told us that her aim is to provide compassion and caring for her patients, and said

“Everybody deserves to have a better life and to be happy! I have always been involved in pro-bono work. I do not operate from an elitist perspective. I believe everyone deserves to feel better and to forge a happy and fulfilling life. I love what I do and find it deeply fulfilling.”

Building Success Through High-Caliber Psychiatric Care

When we asked Dr. Patel about Maheen Patel, M.D. PLLC Psychiatry’s secret to such a strong online reputation, she said:

“I strive to provide high-caliber psychiatric care that is not bottom-line oriented. I operate from a holistic perspective, with deep compassion for my patients and focus upon maximizing overall health and healing, rather than upon simply alleviating a constellation of symptoms.”

In addition to being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner, Dr. Patel has also been named one of America’s Top Psychiatrists from 2007 through 2016 by the Consumers’ Research Council of America and has won the Patients’ Choice Award from 2014 – 2018.

Clearly, Dr. Patel knows a thing or two about growing a business and building an online reputation. Here’s her expert advice for the many other business owners out there:

“Focus most on the quality of your contribution to people’s lives, and be less concerned by image. Strive to transform people’s lives, every patient every day. I won’t accept a patient to just accept a patient. I need to be certain that I can do justice to every patient I assume and that I can provide the highest level of care for each of them. For that reason, I cannot accept all patients who approach my practice. Each patient merits a considerable investment of time, energy and care. I do not take this lightly.”

Dr. Patel ended our conversation with this sentiment:

“I am grateful for my patients, who have allowed me into the deepest recesses of their minds and hearts and have invited me to help.”

Congratulations to the team at Maheen Patel, M.D. PLLC Psychiatry for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner, and thank you so much, Dr. Patel, for taking the time to speak with us!

We highly recommend Maheen Patel, M.D. PLLC Psychiatry in Washington DC. Visit their website today!

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