Case Study: How to Use Email to Ask for Customer Reviews


There is a simple task you need to engage in to improve your online reputation.  Ask for some reviews.

This starts by just asking verbally when your task with them is done.  An informal “By the way, if you could leave us a review on Google…” that you mention with a goodbye handshake.

Hopefully, they are inspired enough by your great work to write you a review of their own accord.

However, people are often not that inspired.  Or worse, they are inspired, but only when something goes wrong.

This is why too many businesses with strong real-world reputations have poor online reputations.

You have to push people to do the right thing.

One of the most effective ways to get more reviews is to email clients and ask for feedback.

At Marketing 360®, we have an effective tactic that allows you to email your entire client list (so you don’t filter your list just to request reviews from people who will give you a positive review).

But as a matter of reputation management, we get people who didn’t have a good experience the chance to fill out a private feedback form.  Positive experiences are directed to a review site like Top Rated Local or Google.   Here is what an email template looks like:

online reviews email template


This consistently works well.  One plumbing client sent out this type of email and got 11 positive reviews from it.

email review example

This email had:

  • A 49.06% open rate
  • 12.98% clicked a link
  • 11 new reviews, 2 feedback forms


Tips for sending review request email forms

  • Keep is short, simple, and honest.
  • Send email in a timely manner after the service is complete (within 1 week is ideal).
  • Link directly to your profile review platform you want a review for.  Use this Google link to get the review interface to open up directly for Google reviews.
  • It’s against Yelp’s policy to email subscriber lists with review requests.  Only use informal, verbal requests to try and get Yelp reviews.

If you’re struggling with your review profile, check out our reputation management services today.  A few efforts like these emails can be a real boost for this important content.

This post was originally published on Marketing 360®.