Kitchen Remodeling During a Pandemic — One Woman’s Journey

Remodeling your kitchen is never exactly a picnic.

There’s a lot that goes into remodeling your kitchen, and as it’s one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, it being off-limits for any length of time is inconvenient, at best. Plus, your kitchen is the heart of the home and a big driver when it comes to sellability and value. So, when you’re ready for a remodel, you need to find the right local home contractors for the job.

Now imagine all of that in the middle of a pandemic, when the kids are home, the office has now become the living room, and you have few other places to go. Yikes.

That’s the journey my friend and her husband have recently taken on. After eight long weeks, their remodeling project is almost complete. They love their new kitchen, and she has graciously agreed to share her experience with all of us.

#1. Did you take any special considerations when looking for contractors to work on your kitchen remodel per the pandemic?

We started our kitchen remodel at the very beginning of this pandemic. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go ahead with the kitchen remodel because of everything that was going on, but we figured the virus would start tapering off and that we might as well take advantage of the time we were home. However, in the beginning, especially, I was asking everyone if they would be wearing a facemask.

Everyone we had come to the house wore a facemask. I figured it was too much to ask them to remove their shoes, so I instead laid blankets and towels over the surfaces they would be walking on. If we had someone who just needed to stop by, and I didn’t have a chance to lay something over the floor, I would immediately disinfect the floor after they left. I was a little overwhelmed by the extra precautions I felt I needed to take, but in the end, I thought better to be safe than sorry.

#2. How did you find the right contractors for your kitchen remodel, and what kind of things were you looking for when researching contractors?

We were really looking for people with great reviews, and we turned to Top Rated Local® as a reliable review site.

#3. What has been the biggest challenge to overcome during your remodel, and what did you do to overcome it?

One of our biggest challenges has been the constant flow of people coming in and out of our house — all during a pandemic and all while our children are home 24/7 and not in school.

We thought about rescheduling our kitchen remodel but figured if we don’t do it now, when would be a better time? We decided to go ahead with the remodel and just take extra precautions like laying blankets and towels over the floors and requiring facemasks.

#4. What was your biggest mistake with the remodel, and what would you do differently if you could?

This is not pandemic related, but if I could do one thing differently, it would be to talk to all of the contractors directly myself. There was one instance where we decided to go through a local company that had a partnership with a different local company. We didn’t really have any issues, per se, but I wish I would have worked with them directly instead of going through a middleman.

#5. Has remodeling during the pandemic had any upsides?

Absolutely! We are always home for the constant flow of people or for any packages to be delivered. There has been more than one instance where a signature was needed from a delivery driver, and we’ve been home to provide that signature. It’s been convenient that someone is always home to sign for the package or for someone to stop over for a measurement.

#6. What advice do you have for someone getting ready to take on a project like this?

Advocate for yourself. Do what you feel is necessary when it comes to protecting your home and your family. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. These people are coming into your home and will most likely want you to feel comfortable

#7. What’s your favorite part about your new kitchen?

My favorite part of the new kitchen — the shiny new gas stove
My husband’s favorite part — the beer fridge he JUST had to have.

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the best things you can do for your home, both from a personal enjoyment perspective and from a value perspective, but it all depends on the people you hire for the job.

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