Buying Gift Cards & Other Ideas to Support Local Businesses

Local businesses need our support more than ever before.

You may not be able to visit your favorite local businesses right now, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop supporting them. In fact, there are lots of ways you can still support them, and it’s a good thing, too. Right now, those businesses need our support more than ever.

Local businesses are the lifeblood of the communities they serve, but the spread of coronavirus has made it impossible for many local businesses to keep their doors open, and difficult for many others. You can help to mitigate some of that fallout by making it a point to support the local businesses you love.

We all have a favorite local restaurant, boutique, flower shop, etc. that we’ve turned to time and time again, and if you are looking to extend your support to your favorite local businesses, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of ways you can help without actually visiting them in person.

How to Support Local Businesses Affected by Coronavirus

Buy a gift card.

Do you have a monthly appointment with a local beauty salon or barber shop? The money you would have used on your appointment can still go to the business now, even if you can’t get your hair done quite yet. Buying a gift card is one of the most direct ways to support local businesses near you, and it means that you’ll have your next haircut paid for already.

In addition to offering financial support, buying a gift card also helps you offer moral support to local businesses that may be struggling. It shows that you’re so confident in them that you’re willing to pay in advance for their services, and that goes a long way.

Some businesses may be offering gift cards online, so their website is a great place to start looking for a gift card. You may also consider calling them. Even if their doors aren’t open, they may be answering their phone.

Order delivery or takeout.

You may not be able to visit your go-to restaurant at the moment, but many are offering carry-out and/or delivery options in lieu of in-person dining. According to the FDA and CDC, there’s no evidence thus far that coronavirus can be spread through food or food packaging, which makes ordering take-out or delivery a safe way to support local restaurants and bars at this point. But, there are some safety rules you’ll want to keep in mind.

If you order carry-out, make sure to follow the same safety procedures you’d follow in any other situation — stay at least six feet away from others, don’t go out if you’re exhibiting any symptoms, and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after contact.

If you order delivery, consider choosing a no-contact delivery option for the safety of both you and the delivery driver, and pay/tip over the app or online instead of using cash, if possible. Immediately wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after moving the food to your own dishes and disposing of the packaging.

Don’t cancel appointments; reschedule them.

If you don’t have the financial means to buy a gift card but want to give them as much of a morale boost as possible during this time, consider rescheduling any upcoming appointments you may have with them rather than canceling them outright.

A little positivity can go a long way during times like these. Showing that you’re confident in them enough to keep an appointment on the books will help them to find a reason to stay positive.

Show your support online.

There are so many ways to support local businesses that go beyond supporting them in person, and these days, when a business’ online reputation can make or break their success, your online support can count for a lot. If you’ve worked with a local business many times, now is the perfect time to write a review for them online.

Reviews are beneficial to local businesses in many, many ways. For one, people trust reviews, and by recommending a local business in a review, you’re helping to generate more customers for them. Reviews can also help businesses rank higher in organic search results, which will help to improve the visibility of the business online.

The great thing about writing reviews for your favorite local businesses is that it doesn’t require you to spend any money, which may or may not be an option for you at this time. And, any positive words you have for the local businesses you love will surely help them to keep their heads held high until we get through this.
In addition to writing reviews for the local businesses you want to support, it’s also a good idea to spread the word about how awesome they are on social media.

Ask how you can help!

Not every business offers delivery or sells gift cards, and if you’re running out of ideas on how to support them during this difficult time, why not call and ask them? At the end of the day, every local business is different, and they’ll know best what you can do to support their own unique journey.

Write reviews for the local businesses you love today!

Just because you can’t eat at your favorite local restaurant doesn’t mean that you can’t still support them. I hope that this blog will inspire you to give a little love to the local businesses that work so hard to make your community what it is.

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