Make Scheduling Simple for Your Local Business

All local businesses need a reliable scheduling solution — something that helps them book appointments easier and manage multiple schedules. The Marketing 360® Scheduling app is a great option for busy small business owners. Here are a few ways it can make managing your schedule easier.

How Marketing 360® Scheduling can help you enjoy the fruits of a busy schedule

Make it easy for customers to book appointments

Some people will always prefer to book appointments the old-fashioned way — over the phone — but more and more people are choosing to book appointments online. With the Scheduling app, you can give your customers the option they prefer.

Scheduling makes it easy for customers to book appointments right from your website. Not only does this give them more options, but it also helps to free up more of your time, so that you can spend less of it on the phone booking appointments and more time serving your customers.

Add your staff and their availability

For barber shops, hair salons, massage therapy clinics and other businesses where customers may want to book appointments with specific members of your staff, Scheduling is the all-in-one tool you need.

With Scheduling, you can add information about your staff to help your customers choose the right fit for their needs. This includes their availability, expertise, etc., ensuring that your customers’ favorite staff members are available when they need them.

Make your services bookable

Not only is scheduling ideal for booking appointments and reservations, but it’s also ideal for creating bookable services. This makes Scheduling an ideal solution for service-based businesses that are looking to simplify their needs.

For example, a local dentist could make common services, like routine cleanings or examinations, bookable online. This way, your customers — or patients — can choose exactly the service they need when they need it.

Enjoy a streamlined, integrated scheduling solution

One of the biggest reasons to choose Marketing 360 Scheduling as your go-to scheduling solution is that it seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Marketing 360 platform, including payments software, automated email marketing and more.

Marketing 360 has all of the tools you need to manage your business. You can manage your schedule, send automated appointment reminders via text message or email, manage payments and invoices, keep track of customers and contacts, monitor your marketing performance and so much more.

Make managing your schedule easier than ever with the Marketing 360 Scheduling app. Learn more and see plans and pricing.

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