Stay Relevant and Connected With Email and Text

Getting leads is just the first step to success for a local business. Local businesses also need a way to nurture their leads and stay top of mind with their existing customers. Email and text message marketing are powerful tools to do just that.

Email and text message marketing are especially effective with the right software, and Marketing 360® Nurture is the ultimate email and text message marketing solution for local businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

How Marketing 360® Nurture helps you stay connected and nurture leads and customers

Build campaigns specific to your industry

Whether your local business is an auto shop, a pest control company or a retail store, email marketing is a powerful way to turn leads into customers and to turn customers into loyal fans.

Marketing 360® Nurture doesn’t just have email marketing solutions for one or two industries — it’s a customizable platform that works for every industry. Enjoy ready-to-go templates for your industry to help you save time and get results.

Get more out of email marketing with automation

Rarely does a single message reverberate with every customer. Furthermore, depending on your audience, some times may be better than others to send your marketing emails.

With automation through Marketing 360 Nurture and the CRM, you’ll have all of the tools you need to send the right message to the right people at the right time. It’s the easiest way to save time while driving success.

Save time with industry-specific templates

Local business owners are some of the busiest people around. No one understands this like Marketing 360 does. That’s why the Nurture app comes equipped with a library of ready-to-go email templates.

With industry-specific email templates, you don’t have to build every email you send from the ground up. Just pick a template, customize it for your needs with an easy-to-use editor and send it to your leads and customers.

Increase your open rate with personalization

Email marketing is only effective if your recipients are actually opening and reading your emails. But, you don’t have to write unique emails for every recipient. Dramatically increase your email open rate with personalization.

With the Nurture app, you can personalize your emails the easy way by dynamically adding information, like the recipient’s name, to the subject line and content of your emails.

Make real-time connections with text message marketing

Whether you want to remind a customer about an upcoming appointment or spread the word about a limited-time offer, there’s no better way to communicate with your customers and leads in real-time than text message marketing.

The Marketing 360 Nurture app makes building recipient lists, and creating and sending text message campaigns, fast and easy.

Monitor and maximize your campaigns

No one wants to waste their time or resources on an email marketing campaign that’s not working for them. That’s why it’s important to monitor your campaign performance.

The Marketing 360 Nurture app makes it easy to keep track of everything from average open rate and click rate to bounce rate and unsubscribe rate, giving you the information you need to maximize your success.

Take advantage of a fully integrated solution

While email and text message marketing can be powerful on their own, they work a whole lot better when they’re an integrated part of your overall small business marketing strategy. That’s where the Nurture app really comes in handy.

The Nurture app seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Marketing 360 platform, allowing you to use key customer insights from the CRM, request and monitor reviews through Reputation and more.

Getting leads is just the first step to success for a local business. Nurture your leads and customers, and be the first local business your customers think of, with Marketing 360 Nurture. Learn more and see our plans and pricing.

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