Ask A Reputation Manager: Zach and Nolan

Who is Nolan?

Nolan is half of the reputation management leadership dream team at Top Rated Local. He has been doing reputation management for more than two years and worked in search engine optimization before this

Who is Zach?

Zach, coincidentally, is also half of the aforementioned reputation management leadership dream team here at Top Rated Local. He has been working in reputation management for a year and a half and comes from a military background.

We sat Zach and Nolan down to get an overall feel for reputation management and what it can do for businesses. Here’s what they had to say:

What drew you to reputation management?

N: I think there’s a big opportunity in the world of online reviews, specifically for small businesses. There’s also quite a bit of misinformation and misunderstanding about what is the proper form and cadence when it comes to dealing with online reviews. With the growing significance [reviews] have in terms of SEO (search engine optimization), it was a no brainer for me to join the team.

Z: I kind of went into the role not knowing what all it included, but I definitely learned how important and imperative this role is for small businesses. 

How did apply your previous experience to reputation management?

N: First and foremost, I come from a background of leadership. Also, being confident in my writing definitely helps. It helps me to respond to reviews and work with clients better, as well as develop the strong communication it takes for our clients to be successful. The thing Zach and I have in common most is our dedication to continued learning

Z: I was also a very competent writer in college. One of my degrees is in communication, so a lot of writing goes along with that. The knowledge that the Marine Corps would let me be in charge of lives helped me lead this team. I gain knowledge from our team and incorporating it into my daily work.

Are there any stories that stand out to you from your experience as a reputation manager?

Z: My second or third client when I started here, their reviews did so well with our help that they were able to put up a fourth location — in a pretty tough industry as well.

N: One common thread we see is people’s frustration with other review platforms and their restrictions. They say “I hate reviews” because they’ve only had bad experiences with these platforms. So, I think that says a lot. 

What is the benefit of having a whole team of reputation managers working together with their own individual clients?

Z:  Ideas are always flowing everywhere. We all bounce ideas off of each other first. That’s what has led us to create a powerhouse of Reputation Managers. Everyone’s on the same playing field because we have that knowledge pool all together.

N: That’s the number one thing for sure. I think it also helps that the people on our team are really different. That really works to our benefit in a lot of ways, because we get a lot of different perspectives. Our clients and the people responding to their reviews don’t come from one background, and neither do we. 

Why is it important for businesses to have a solid understanding of reputation management?

Z: When you’re dealing with businesses that don’t have much of a name for themselves or aren’t very well established, reviews can be the only thing that makes them noticeable next to the guy that’s been on the block for 20 years

N: At Top Rated Local, we’re looking primarily at local businesses. When those businesses are competing for attention in a local market, it’s on the internet now. They don’t go to their aunts, uncles, and cousins to ask for recommendations anymore. They take the opinion of a total stranger, so they need those gold stars. 

If you could leave our readers with one vital reputation management tip, what would it be?

N: Not a shameless plug, but you need to be using Top Rated Local. That’s my number one power tip.

Z: Get yourself out of the mindset that on-site testimonials are a benefit to you. Everything you do with reviews needs to be online now.

Thank you so much for your time, Zach and Nolan! If you’re interested in seeing what Top Rated Local can do to elevate your business’ online reputation, sign up here today.

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