Why Business Photos Are Important On Review Sites (And How To Take Good Ones)

Your Listing Needs Photos

If your business is going to stand out among the stiff competition online, your potential customers need some great visuals to draw them in. As experts in online reputation management, we know all about what it takes to make your business’ photos dynamic and effective. Today, we’ll teach you all about what it takes to make a business look great on any online review site and beyond. After all, the whole goal is to stand out and show your potential customers that you are the right company for the job and the competition is no match.

Why You Need Them

It makes sense that photos may not already be your first priority when it comes to cultivating your business’ listings on online review platforms. But, curating a solid selection of photos to display on those listings can be a true asset to your business’ overall online reputation.

Speeds Up Processing

A good, clear photograph is an extremely effective way of ensuring that anyone viewing your online listing absorbs as much information as possible, as quickly as possible. That means they can easily process your team’s friendly faces, the beautiful work you do, and the ambiance you provide in-house. You want your potential customers to make quick decisions based on the fact that you are the obvious choice for what they need. The only way they can do that is if you provide the type of clear information that can truly only be portrayed through visuals.

Conveys Professionalism

By choosing well-composed, attractive, and clear photos for your business’ online review site listing, you show visitors how much you care about your business. Think about it, if you were to come across two HVAC companies, one with a blurry or pixelated logo as their only picture and another with a wide variety of professional-looking photos that give a clear idea as to what they do best, which would you choose? Certainly, your answer is “the one with the better photos.” Why? Because marketing is all about how you present yourself, and online reputation management is marketing.

Gets Attention

You know how birds are particularly attracted to shiny objects they find on the ground while looking for materials with which to build their nest? People are like that, too. If we are presented with multiple options of stimuli, our brains will almost always choose the more pleasant one. For our purposes, that means choosing the best looking photos on the best looking listing on a review site. Your potential customers are far more likely to choose you if you provide them with something, well, pretty to look at.

Drives Sales 

At the end of the day, anything you do to market your company is in an effort to drive sales and boost conversions. That includes curating an engaging library of photos on all of your business’ online listings for all of the reasons above. By pulling your potential customers in visually, you’ll likely see a notable increase in conversions.

How To Take Them

There’s no doubt that photos are an integral part of your online reputation management, but in order to know how to implement that information, you need to know how to take them. Of course, you could hire a professional, which is a good choice if it is in your budget and you have a trusted photographer. But, you can also do it yourself, effectively and easily.

Use A Good Camera (Even If It’s Attached To A Smartphone)

There is only so much that can be done to make a picture look good after the fact. Even with all the editing magic in the world, a grainy or pixelated photo may be beyond repair. Utilize the best camera at your disposal to capture clear and effective photos to display on your business’ various online listings. By doing that, you can ensure that you are starting out with an image of excellent quality that can fit in on a wide variety of review sites. 

Capture The Right Things

You don’t want to overwhelm your listing’s visitors with unnecessary photos, so be selective. For example, if you run a restaurant, people want to see the food, the atmosphere, and the smiling faces of your team members. Focus on the things that make your business stand out and look its best. Use your common sense. Plumbers, no need to post before-and-after photos. Interior designers, definitely do post before and after photos. You know your industry best, so you’re the authority on what your clients do and do not want to see.

Timing Is Everything

When does your business look its best? Ok, now when does your business look its best on camera? Not only does timing come into play when it comes to lighting, but also cleanliness, traffic, and all-over aesthetic appeal. Firstly, try to take your pictures on a nice day, during the golden hour. Then, also consider what you want to portray in these photos. If you want to show that your business is a lively spot and a local favorite, ask customers to come in and participate in a special photoshoot where they essentially just hang out at your business.

Keep It Cohesive 

Branding is incredibly important when marketing any business. Make sure that any images displayed on your online listing reflect your overall brand. These photos should also look good together so that it is clear your visual presence on online review sites is intentional. It cannot be stressed enough how vital this is to your listing standing out.


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