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Touchstone Medical Imaging, LLC is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services in the United States. Headquartered in Franklin, TN, with Regional offices in Plano, TX, Touchstone owns and operates diagnostic imaging facilities nationwide. The imaging facilities provide a wide range of imaging services in a comfortable, service-oriented outpatient environment. We operate imaging centers in the following states: Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Florida and Arkansas.

2.60 avg / 113 ratings on 5 verified review sites

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They are always kind and courteous get me in and out of there no time flat they’re great

1 review

My daughter has an appt for a pelvic and abdominal ultrasound which required her to fast and drink 32 ounces of water. After waiting in the lobby for 10 minutes she tells the clerk that she cant hold her urine much longer. Clerk says the tech will be right out. Another 10 mins have passed and at this point my daughter is pacing back and forth trying desperately to hold it in. She finally couodnt hold on any longer and begin to urinate in the waiting room. My issues are that one the front desk clerk verified with me when we arrived that she needed to have a full bladder, my daughter has told her she could no longer hold it and she clearly saw her pacing the room. There was no sense of urgency and it was extremely embarrassing for my child and I. I would not recommend this facility for this type of ultrasound. I have had several at Envision Imaging and was always rushed back due to the fact that they knew I had a full bladder.

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In February I went in for an ultrasound. The wait wasn't long and the technician was very friendly and professional. I was unsatisfied when I received a bill, even though I had told the receptionist I wanted to pay in full. She took my information along with my insurance information, she informed me of the total and asked if I wanted to make payments or make a full payment. I went ahead and paid what I thought would be the full payment. She never informed me what the total amount for the ultrasound was, what my insurance would cover, AND SHE NEVER MENTION THAT THE PAYMENT I MADE WAS AN ESTIMATE. I made my payment and signed the receipt. After I had already paid and signed the receipt she gave me a copy of my receipt along with a second page attached to it. I went and sat down and then I was called in, so I did not look over at the second page. I left the place in so much pain that I never went back and read the second page, which tells me the payment is an estimate. When receiving the billing statement, I felt "cheated" in a way. I could not believe that the receptionist would not verbalized information about my payment. I blame myself for not reading the information then, but I believe that a professional would communicate the payment information with a patient before making the payment. I was not unsatisfied with my experience as a patient, like I said the technician was very professional. My only concern is that the receptionist should have informed me that the payment I made was only estimates, instead of me finding on my own after I had already paid and left the building.

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The most poorly run business office I have ever encountered. Besides over charging, insurance paid it's portion. I made a 1/4 downpayment at time of service. Then I paid payments three months in a row and they turned it over to collections with no warning whatsoever. But after reading other reviews I see this is common practice for them. I would never use their facilitu again.

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Very bad experience. I am stressed. Need to speak to someone at the manager or upper level. Charge is more than double than I was told for a very poor quality image/scan.

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The MRI was ran well and doctor had no problem with it. The billing was terrible I was overcharged on my part of what the insurance paid. I called the billing department and they said I would be reimbursed on my credit cart. It has been 4 weeks since my insurance paid the claim and I haven't seen any refund.

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