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WHIPKIX LLC was founded in January 2012 in the state of Florida. The Founder and CEO, Edward J. Marko Jr., spent 5 years active duty in the United States Marine Corps from 1990-1995, and received his Business Administration degree from Florida Atlantic University in 2007. After many years of seeing so many inferior products on the market, Mr. Marko decided to form a company that would invent new and improved products for the automotive accessories industry. The first of which is the Patented Whipkix License Plate Frame, which takes advantage of the flat space available around the license plate on most vehicles on the road today. The Whipkix frame has the largest graphical image surface area of any license plate frame on the market today. This is just the first of many new innovative products Whipkix will be bringing to market in the future! WHIPKIX "Unleash Your Pride"!
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