Top Rated Local® is built upon 5 pillars of the customer experience and is created to empower both businesses and consumers. Capturing the overall customer experience is unlike anything on the market. This is not a review site — it is an experience- and rating-based system.

This system was built to solve the everyday problems that local businesses face. Fake reviews, competitor reviews, slanderous comments, blackmail, and acts of interference of business from competition can maliciously and fictitiously represent a business online. In the digital world we use daily, there needs to be a system in place where true customer experiences can be captured at the time of service, a system that allows for true customer identification, and a description of what that experience was like for that customer and business.

Thus, we created the 5 pillar experience and rating-based system: quality, value, timeliness, experience, and satisfaction. These pillars allow consumers to highlight what was important outside of just writing some comments (reviews). It is a true, simplistic feedback system that has more value than reviews alone, and it creates a place where the customer experience is amplified. Altogether, Top Rated Local® creates a more meaningful environment for customers and businesses alike. Welcome to the new era of improved rating systems!