Top Rated Local relies on the Rating Score algorithm to provide users with accurate and reliable information about local businesses within the TRL platform. At the heart of this algorithm is the utilization of reviews from various online sources, which are meticulously collected and analyzed to generate a comprehensive Rating Score for each business listed on the platform.

To ensure the accuracy and relevance of the algorithm, Top Rated Local casts a wide net across the vast landscape of online review sources. This means that the platform systematically scours popular review websites, social media platforms, and other online forums where customers share their opinions and experiences. By aggregating reviews from multiple sources, Top Rated Local aims to provide a holistic representation of a business's performance and reputation.

The Rating Score algorithm itself is designed to weigh reviews from different sources differently, taking into account factors such as the credibility and authority of the source, the recency of the review, and the sentiment expressed by the reviewer. By giving more weight to reviews from reputable sources and considering the overall sentiment, the algorithm strives to provide users with a balanced and accurate assessment of a business's reputation.

However, it's important to acknowledge that not all online review sources are readily accessible or retrievable. Some websites may have restrictions on data extraction, or they may employ advanced security measures that make it challenging to retrieve reviews programmatically. Additionally, certain review sources might become disconnected or inaccessible due to changes in their structure or policies. When this happens TRL will attempt to retrieve any of the data it can while maintaining the current source data that was crawled.