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RGS was awesome to work with. Being a little older, we really needed to think if we wanted to do this at our age. We thought it was worth it. There were energy loans available and also other tax incentives that really made it worth our while. The product, Tom, Carl and the crew were awesome. It took us a little longer to get ours installed because our electric company is very green and was able to write their plan or something for legislature or public service board. Once Washington Electric's plan was in place, RGS was right there, got us up and running. There customer service is outstanding and a couple of years later, they are still there answering any questions I may have. They also keep me posted on what is happening in the legislature in case there is meetings I wish to attend to speak in favor of solar and alternative energy sources. I love the savings on energy and fuel, (our heat pump that also runs with our solar) and that maybe we are making a difference. I rate then 110%.