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Ford Caputo Animal Hospital

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PLEASE BEWARE DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE. Please read all this below I know it is long but it could save your pet. On 04/26/2023 Ford Caputo Veterinary Hospital killed my 4 year old cat. The doctor who killed my cat is Dr. Varujan Arman. We came in for a simple blood test. My cat was walking around in the exam room happy jumping up and down the table and full of life. The veterinary technician Patrice Reed came in the room before the doctor to take down information. She was unprofessional and rude the whole time and not listening to what we were saying. Technician Patrice Reed and Dr. Varujan Arman are responsible for my cats death. I trusted them. We wanted to do a blood test but the doctor kept insisting we do an x-ray. We listened to him because x-ray don't kill animals, it turns out he squeezed the life out of my cat to empty his stomach so he can see the x-ray clear. All he was supposed to do was an x-ray not squeeze out fluid from his body. We did not agree to anything else. Dr. Varujan Arman ended up removing too much fluid from my cat (which will cause the cat to go into shock) and squeezing the life out of my cat so he can see the x-ray clear. (google: "vet squeeze cat to death") it is possible to kill a cat that way. He damaged my cat's internal organs by squeezing him to hard. Dr. Varujan Arman is a large man who overpowered an innocent cat. They brought my cat back to me dying struggling to breath and he was full of feces and vomit from the ruptured organs. He ended up dying in the clinic. When I asked the doctor what happened, what did you do to my cat? He ended up yelling at me at the top of his lungs and kicked me out. He killed my cat and ended up yelling at me for asking what he did. My cat did not come in dying, he was alert and active. They took him to the back and killed him. Dr. Varujan Arman does not know what he is doing. Please do not take your pets to this clinic. They employee killers. When we got the discharge notes Dr. Varujan Arman lied on the paper work and the clinic supported him. Everything he said on the discharge was a lie which is insult to injury. On top of that the next day after they killed my cat they harassed me and sent me an email telling my cat "Happy Birthday". They know my cat died and were making fun of me by telling my cat happy birthday which does not make sense because that day is not my cat's birthday and this is my first time at this clinic. I am heart broken and I don't know how to move on. I feel guilty for taking my cat to this vet. I did not know it would be his last day alive. I keep wishing I did not take him here. I did not know a simple exam would kill him. He is only 4 years old. I have not been able to sleep, eat, or focus. I have to keep taking off work because I cannot concentrate. I am a teacher and it wouldn't be fair for my students. I don't feel like doing anything anymore. I am crying every couple hours. I am heartbroken.