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Welcome to the iFISH Store where you can order high quality freshwater aquarium fish delivered direct to your door. We have been in business over 20 years providing our customers with excellent service and valuable information on owning and maintaining freshwater aquariums.

4.59 avg / 1,092 ratings on 3 verified review sites
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1 review

I just want to say that the ifish store cares about customers because he gives responses to all they contact him and tries to make resolution if possible. I lost a fish and he cared enough to contact me . I’m very pleased with the customer service . Keep up the good work. I’ll be ordering again soon .not to mention exceptional pricing !

1 review

My fish arrived happy and healthy and clearly well cared for. I am extremely happy and so excited to have my fish in their tank. The lobster I ordered is GORGEOUS amazing colors.

1 review

Ordered 7 discus all was perfect only 2 days and eating great super nice fish very active and colorful

1 review

I don't like to give bad reviews but i don't recommend buying a discus from this seller. I had place two different orders. 1st order i recieved was a old dying fish which it was supposed to be a 4" rose red discus. The fish i got was dying with no strip down the eyes and was looked very pinkish pale white. I report it to frank and he gave me a refund after submitting the picture. Since he gave me a refund I decided to give it another chance. I buy 4 more discus which was the second order. He sent me out a yellow discus with its nose very red like it had a nerve issue around the nose. I decided to watch it for a few days for it to go away, which it did disappear. On the same order he sent me out a fish i didn't order. I got a super red turquoise, now i have 2 of the same fish. The red turquoise was suppose to be a snake skin discus. On top of that he gave me a pigeon discus which had all marks on it like it may have a skin disease. I don't trust this seller and i believe he got someone to write his reviews. I wish i read the reviews before i bought the fish because everyone is complaining about the discus. He mention these fish will be checked and quarantined for 48 hours or more. He sends out fishes with issues or their not pretty. The packages are very well pack and i don't understand why these fishes are ugly or with problems. They supposed to be healthy right frank? Don't give your customers ugly fish and unhealthy. You should be the one keeping the unhealthy fish and the non pretty ones. Most of the fish i got looks nothing like the fish he sent. I guess you get what you pay for.

Reply from business

Hello Paul; Thank you for your detailed feedback. We'd like the opportunity here to address your comments. YOUR FIRST ORDER: Your first order included a 4 inch Rose Red Discus. Three issues you pointed out on this fish: (1) the coloring, (2) the lack of a stress bar and (3) the general health of the fish. Just a few general comments on the stress bar. Only wilds will have a permanent stripe on their body. Also, with captive/bred Discus, the eye stripe can also fade over time if the fish is very happy and healthy. The coloring you observed and general health of the fish was obviously an indication that the fish did not ship well and was going to perish. This does happen on occasion. We gladly issued a refund which we are always happy to do in this situation. The fish was not "old" as you suggested. Our 4 inch Discus are adults that are only several months old and when properly cared for will grow to 6+ inches and live up to ten years. You also ordered 3 other 2 inch juvenile Discus in that first order which we assume were acceptable to you because you do not mention them at all. YOUR SECOND ORDER: Your second order was for four 2" juvenile Discus. You did not contact us at all about any error in the Discus you received. If you had as many issues as you suggested with this second order, we would certainly expect a phone call or email with some photos of the fish. It sounded disastrous! Since this is the only forum we're left to address your issues on, we'd like to take the opportunity to respond to some of the statements you made on this second order: (1) If the incorrect fish were sent, which is atypical for us, we would have liked to have been notified immediately. We have always corrected this situation on the few occasions it has happened and on some occasions, the customer misidentified the fish once we saw the photo sent to us. (2) The black peppering you saw on the Pigeon Blood Discus is quite normal and usually discus fish that have a pigeon blood gene in them are prone to black peppering spots either when stressed as a natural way to adapt and camouflage themselves into their environment. If your aquarium has dark colored background and gravel, your discus fish will adapt to the colors. In order to reduce the amount of black peppering on discus fish you need to change the colors inside your aquarium. With discus, the best color gravel or sand should be bright white. The black peppering may eventually fade as the discus gets older with brighter aquarium surroundings. Feeding your discus a high quality food and giving them time to destress after shipping will help to reduce the black peppering. (3) We take exception to your statement that you believe we got someone to write our reviews. We work with a trusted third party service (TrustPilot) that solicits reviews from our customers and calculates our overall rating. We have no control whatsoever over what feedback the customers provide and it is all accepted into TrustPilot's system once they verify that the review was in fact from a person that made a purchase by independently checking our system. Your statement is categorically untrue. (4) You state " I wish I read the reviews before I bought the fish because everyone is complaining about the discus". Well, we wish you had read the reviews as well. Because stating that "everyone" is complaining about our Discus is simply untrue. Please take the time to read our reviews. We have over 970 reviews with a 9.1 out of 10 ranking. We are not stating that we have not had some issues but when we do, we address them immediately with customers who are open in their communication with us which gives us the opportunity to rectify the situation. We take Customer Service very seriously and again, take exception to your statement that "everyone is complaining about the discus". (5) All of our fish are ALWAYS quarantined for 24-48 hours prior to shipment, we have quality control checks in place, treat our tanks for common fish diseases and use an exceptional packing procedure. You wonder why with all this in place our fish are not healthy and ugly. We just have not received such sweeping commentary about the quality of our fish and our operations. You are obviously upset and we really wish we could have had a more open line of communication before you felt the need to write your review. In the end, we are sincerely sorry you had such a bad experience with The iFISH Store. We would have preferred working directly with you on your issues with both orders.

1 review

Great store you’re in and out the fish are always healthy looking Frank and company are great very helpful and knowledgeable I’m spreading a good word to all my cichlid people

1 review

Open on Sundays. I arrived 20 minutes before opening and they allowed me to come in and make a purchase. Clean, friendly and quality fish. I'm setting up a Demasoni/Lab tank. The blues are vibrant and rich on the Pseudotropheus demasoni & Electric Yellow Labidochromis.

1 review

This is the first time myself and my wife have ordered fish online we were very nervous Frank made us feel very comfortable and answered all my questions the fish arrived promptly on-time well-packed good color and is now a week later in the eating great

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