New Jersey’s Top Rated Local® Accounting Firm Award Winner: E&Q Tax Accounting and Business Solutions

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that E&Q Tax Accounting and Business Solutions

A 94.00 Rating Score™, a 4.90 average star rating on verified sites, and more than 150 online ratings make E&Q Tax Accounting and Business Solutions the number one accounting firm in the entire state of New Jersey. This is just one of the fabulous reviews they’ve received:

“Forget the big box stores, or online software, this is the only place I’ll do my taxes! I’ve been coming to Edward for over 20 years. He’s always giving useful advice, answering questions, and this year he prepped me on the upcoming tax changes for next year’s return.” -Mo S.

A One-of-a-Kind Accounting Firm’s Secret to a Strong Online Reputation

Grace Lopez, the marketing Director of E&Q Tax Accounting and Business Solutions, took some time to speak with us about the business’ success.

Grace credits the company’s stand-out reputation to the diversity within their staff. “Diversity separates us from our competition, when you come in you’ll notice that we have a younger crowd of employees that has expertise in all studies all facets of finance,” she said. “We help a lot of younger adults and even cater to that demographic more than our competitors. We’ve developed an App to help them with their taxes but also ensure we’re assisting the younger demographics to improve all aspects of their financial future. We provide more modern experience than other CPA/accounting firms and treat every client with Excellence and Quality (E&Q).”

During our conversation with Grace, it became clear that the team at E&Q Tax Accounting and Business Solutions hold themselves to a high standard when it comes to client care. In Grace’s words, “One of the biggest keys to our success is how we treat our clients here. We always ask if they’ve had a great experience to leave a great google review. Google is a big driver for new business and their testimonials earn additional trust for the potential clients recognizing them on Google.”

Making the World a Better Place By Putting The Client First

The team at E&Q Tax Accounting and Business Solutions truly cares about their clients. “Our mission is to deliver financial solutions to business and individuals through superior experience in excellence and quality,” Grace said. “Customer experience is our main priority. We greet each client that comes in to make them feel special. We also hold a commitment to helping them besides taxes, any other need their client may have to assist them in any way possible from payment processing, credit repair, taxes, accounting for businesses and any other need a business may have.”

Here’s Grace’s advice to other businesses that want an excellent online reputation:

“Focus on customer service and be authentic. Monitor your competitors and stay a step ahead of them. Offer your customers the best experience you can because that is how they’ll remember you! When you have fun with your work and take a genuine approach to helping your customers, you’ll go a long way!”

Thank you so much for speaking with us, Grace! Congratulations to the team at E&Q Tax Accounting and Business Solutions for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner!