Arizona’s Top Rated Local® Businesses: 2019

Home to 13 species of rattlesnake and the saguaro cactus, Arizona is much, much more than just a vast desert. It’s also home to fabulous small and medium-sized local businesses. That’s what makes us so excited to announce the Top Rated Local® award winners in Arizona for 2019!

The total number of verified review sites, the average overall star rating a business has on those sites, and the total number of ratings/reviews they have posted on those sites all play a role in the overall Rating Score™ calculation. The more ratings/reviews a business has posted on verified review sites, as well as the higher the average overall star rating, the higher the Rating Score. The highest possible Rating Score is 100.

The employees and owners of these businesses have worked hard to stand out from the crowd and serve their communities well, and that’s paying off tenfold. With nearly 397,000 small businesses in Arizona, they’ve beat out stiff competition. These award-winning businesses have earned an average Rating Score™ of 98.17 and an average rating of 4.91 on verified review sites.

We’d like to give a special shoutout to the number one business in Arizona for 2019, Ironwood Dermatology. They’ve earned a perfect 100.00 Rating Score and a 4.98 average star rating by serving their clients well.

Congratulations to all of these stellar businesses on your 2019 Top Rated Local awards!

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