Kansas’s Top Rated Local® Businesses: 2021

While there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, we didn’t want to let that stop us from celebrating the amazing small businesses of Kansas!

Best known for sunflowers, corn, wheat and Dodge City — a city famous for its legendary lawmen, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok and Bat Masterson — Kansas is a wonderful state to live in and visit. Home to Pizza Hut, the Wheat Capital of the World and Amelia Earhart, the Jayhawk State is also home to a number of truly incredible local businesses — from acupuncturists to window cleaners — that work to serve their communities and make the world a better place.

Top Rated Local® is here to recognize the many local businesses that work to make Kansas such a phenomenal place to live and visit. There are so many amazing businesses that serve the people of Kansas, but only the best of the best have made it on our list of Top Rated Local award winners for 2021. Today, we’re ecstatic to announce our 2021 award winners in Kansas.

To calculate our 2021 winners, we’ve looked at each business’s Rating Score™, which is determined by the total number of verified review sites the business is listed on, the total number of ratings/reviews the business has on those review sites and the business’s average overall star rating. The more review sites a business is listed on, the more reviews or ratings a business has and the higher the average star rating, the higher the Rating Score will be, with the highest being 100.00.

There are a large number of businesses that work hard to serve the people of Kansas and provide them with everything they need to thrive, and this year, we’ve identified 394 total businesses that have made the cut. These one-of-a-kind, local businesses have clearly made an impact on the customers and clients they serve each and every day, as evidenced by their impressive average Rating Score of 96.80 and average star rating of 4.88. For comparison, businesses across Top Rated Local average a 68.82 Rating Score and a 4.20 star rating. These businesses are truly the best of the best.

There are so many stand-out businesses in Kansas that deserve to be recognized for their success, but we’re especially excited to give a shoutout to the number one award-winner in Kansas for 2021 — McConnell Law Firm. A local law firm that welcomes challenges and looks adversity in the eye, McConnell Law Firm has become Wichita’s premier source for criminal defense. McConnell Law Firm has received 176 reviews across 5 verified review sites with an average star rating of 5.00, which has earned it a phenomenal Rating Score of 100.00 and the bragging rights of being the number one Top Rated Local business in all of Kansas for 2021. This is the third year in a row McConnell Law Firm has been a Top Rated Local award winner in Kansas!

Congratulations to all of our award winners in Kansas for 2021. We commend you for the outstanding service and support you provide for your community day in and day out.

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