Arizona’s Top Rated Local® Nail Salons Award Winner: Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa is a 2018 award winner for nail salons in Arizona!

If you’re in need of a professional nail services in Phoenix, there’s one nail salon that can’t be beat — Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa.

Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa has earned dozens of online reviews with an average rating of 4.98 stars, an impressive Rating Score™ of 95.76 and a 2018 Top Rated Local award for being ranked number one out of all of the nail salons in Arizona!

Here’s just one of the many five-star reviews they’ve received from their happy customers:

“The most talented and professional nail tech in Arizona. What you need can be created. The owner is truly gifted. Experiencing this nail spa is a must. You wont be disappointed. I have been coming for nine years, and I still get amazed by my nail art.”

Not Your Average Nail Salon

Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa is a nail salon that dares to be different.

Nikhia, the owner of Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa, believes that you should always be yourself, that everyone quests for something and that everyone is different. That’s why she has set out to make Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa a different kind of nail salon.

One of the main things that sets Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa apart from other nail salons is that Nikhia doesn’t use stencils. This allows her to create unique nail art that’s designed specifically for the individual, not just the cookie-cutter designs that customers can get at any nail salon.

We asked Nikhia why she does what she does. Here’s what she had to say:

“I was in school for engineering in order to make money. Nails became my outlet, taking me away from the stresses of everyday life. Everyone has an outlet — or a quest — and if I can help them find their quest through nails, I will.”

Building Success Through Making Connections

Nikhia doesn’t have to ask her clients for reviews. Instead, she just does what she loves to do, which is to connect with people and create stunning nail art.

In addition to a solid online reputation, this simple yet powerful approach to business has helped Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa earn the majority of their business through word of mouth and referrals. Believe it or not, Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa hasn’t had to do much advertising at all to become the number one nail studio in Arizona. Nikhia’s hard work speaks for itself.

We asked Nikhia what advice she has for other business owners looking to grow their business and build their online reputation. Here’s what she had to say:

“As long as what you’re doing is positive and helps people solve problems, give yourself permission to be different.”

Congratulations to the team at Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner, and thank you so much, Nikhia for taking the time to speak with us!

If you’re looking for professional nail services like no other, we highly recommend Beauty Qwest Nail & Spa in Phoenix! Visit their website today!

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