Reputation Management For Hair Salons

How do I make my hair salon stand out online?

The beauty industry is extremely competitive, especially online. Not only that, but the vast majority of people are highly vigilant when it comes to which salon they choose and will often pour through countless reviews and social media profiles to make sure they’re picking the right one. That is why it is of the utmost importance that you have a firm grasp on your salon’s online reputation. In this blog, we’ll teach you eight ways to do just that, so that you can increase your client base and come across strong online.

Manage Your Online Reviews

We mention this in almost every blog we write, no matter the industry it’s about. Managing your online reviews is key when it comes to reputation management. However, this has particular importance for hair salons. People want to look their best, and you know that better than anybody. That’s why most really do their research before choosing a hair salon. They’ll pour through as many reviews as possible to make sure they choose the right stylist. In order to make sure your business comes across well on review sites, try the following:

  • Ask your clients to leave reviews (preferably with pictures)
  • Respond politely and in a solution-driven manner to negative reviews
  • Respond positively to positive reviews

Claim All Of Your Listings

Claiming your listings on any and all review sites can help your online reputation incomparably. By claiming your listings, you get to control the information displayed on review sites and social media, and you can respond professionally and actively to any reviews you receive. A claimed listing allows you to upload pictures, provide up-to-date phone numbers and addresses, and take an active role in your online reputation. Don’t have any claimed listings? Start with Top Rated Local®! You can do that here. 

Showcase Positive Reviews On Your Website

We cannot stress this enough: you want to encourage positive reviews! This is your opportunity not to have to be humble. When someone says something nice about you, let everyone know — well, everyone who visits your website, at least. Chances are, random strangers on the street wouldn’t appreciate it if you approached them just to brag about your positive reviews. Just know that if your clients are sharing positive sentiments about you online, it’s because they want them to be heard. Not only that, but it provides a user-friendly experience for your future clients and legitimizes the claims you make on your website that you are great at what you do.

Ask Clients To Fill Out A Survey

In order to do well at anything, you need to be constantly improving. That is something any good business owner already knows. That’s particularly true for salon professionals. You go to conferences, take classes, and are always boosting your hair knowledge. Why should that be any different when it comes to customer service? What often gets overlooked is how important it is that people can see you’re improving and that you care about doing so. Providing a survey for your clients to fill out and then taking the feedback they provide demonstrates that you truly are there to serve the client and that you want your business to be the very best it can be. Try offering incentives and contests for surveys to be filled out, like a discounted or free service.

Don’t Let Special Occasions Pass You By

Your clients always want to look their very best, that’s why they come to you — especially on special occasions. By being incredibly clear across your social media profiles and claimed listings that you offer wedding and special event services and have availability around big holidays, you get a leg up on your competition. We know you’re passionate about making people feel special and confident. Be sure to showcase that you’ll be around for their special occasions, and it will pay off online.

Check-In With Your Clients During Their Visits

You’ve heard it before. Check-in with your clients while they’re in the chair. If you just let loose and run with whatever they originally told you they wanted, you’re playing with fire. Asking confirmation questions throughout the appointment can help to ensure that you aren’t losing your way and, likely, getting a scathingly bad review.  Don’t give clients the opportunity to bash you online by not doing your job to the best of your ability.

Get Social

Social media is a salon’s best friend and an invaluable asset for a stellar online reputation. Because it is so visual, social media is a great place to showcase your work, promote specials, and form a community around your salon. A salon with a solid social media presence will come across as hip and professional, which helps tremendously with your overall online reputation. Plus, many social media sites also function as a one-stop-shop for information, as well as a place to leave reviews.

Give Examples of “Before and Afters”

“Before-and-after” photos are the bread and butter of the beauty industry when it comes to online reputation. They provide a visual example of the transformations you’re capable of that can speak much, much louder than a few negative reviews. We highly encourage that you take as many high-quality shots as possible and spread them throughout your claimed listings to attract new clients and come across as professional, talented, and polished online.

Before you can build a stellar online reputation, you need to know where you stand in the first place. We can help with that. Through our proprietary Rating Score™ system, we collect reviews and scores from all over the internet to comprise a cumulative Rating Score that gives you an accurate glimpse into your online reputation, so that you can best handle it. Not only that, but your clients can leave reviews right here on the Top Rated Local site or on our convenient app! Sign up for Top Rated Local today and see what our Rating Score™ system can do for you.