Alaska’s Top Rated Local® Barber Shop Award Winner: Man Spa

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Man Spa is not only one of the top three barber shops in Alaska but one of the top 100 businesses in the entire state!

“So, I’m not normally a barbershop kind of guy. I went and saw Cole and I’m definitely sold. Cole was professional, friendly, skilled and it was the absolute best haircut and hot towel beard trim (I think that’s what he called it) of all time. I normally wear hats, and I had one in my car that I intended to put on after. The haircut was so good I left my hat sitting in the car. You’re a fool if you don’t use Cole and Man Spa.”

Reviews just like that have helped Man Spa earn a 95.00 Rating Score™, a perfect five-star rating, and a 2019 Top Rated Local award!

Not Your Average Barber Shop

Cole Crawford, the owner of Man Spa, took some time to speak with us regarding her business’ online reputation and overall success.

We were particularly interested in knowing what it is that Cole believes to be the difference between Man Spa and competing barber shops. Cole said, “I treat every client consistently like I want to be treated. Getting haircuts for 34 years before I started my business gave me a lot of negative experiences. After seeing what didn’t work at a lot of other different places, I made sure my business didn’t have those problems (long lines, no conversation, and the like). We only do business by appointment, which really helps make sure the experience is great! I don’t just come to work to cut hair, I come to serve people… I make sure I have the same passion with every person that sits in my chair!”

When we asked Cole why he does what he does, he told us about how he simply feels that barbering is his calling. “I feel like I was chosen by God to do this. I moved to Alaska from Texas 18 years ago, and I decided to cut hair on the side because I didn’t want to pay the premium of moving here. I did that for 14 years before I opened the shop,” he said. “I enjoyed the conversation, I enjoyed serving people, and it was really something I loved doing! Barbering was my brother’s dream, but it never worked out for him. I wrote up the business plan in two hours on the airport shuttle, and I feel that it was God guiding my hand.”

Building Success By Putting The Customer First

As an award-winning business owner with an incredibly loyal customer base, Cole has quite a bit of wisdom to share. Here’s his advice to other business owners that want to build, maintain, or improve their online reputation:

“Don’t settle! Sometimes we have this misconception that we’re the most important thing. I live my life to make other people look better, literally! Through knowledge, expertise, technical skills, and questions and answers we hide your weak points and accent your strong points. That can apply to every business. It’s not about me or my family, it’s about you! You could have gone to any of 100 shops in Alaska, and when you’re here you have 100% of my attention. Love the clients you have and treat them like gold. Whether you give sparingly or generously, they know that I’ve got their back. People know when someone is being genuine. Always be a servant!”

Congratulations to the team at Man Spa for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner, and thank you so much, Cole, for taking the time to speak with us!

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