Colorado’s Top Rated Local® Dance Schools and Studios Award Winner: The Dance Art Media Studios

Top Rated Local® is proud to announce that The Dance Art Media (DAM) Studios is an award-winning dance studio, thanks to their amazing Rating Score™.

For Coloradans who are looking to take dance classes taught by instructors who are highly qualified and who will provide a fun, memorable experience, there’s no better option than The DAM Studios. From ballet and tap to jazz and hip-hop, The DAM Studios can help their clients master any kind of dance they have a desire to learn.

There are many dance studios in Colorado, but The DAM Studios stand above the rest with their 95.36 Rating, as well as the many positive reviews they’ve received from their students and clients. Here’s an example of just one of the reviews:

“Exceptionally well run studio with talented and caring instructors. The atmosphere is incredible, and Jessica, the owner, is amazing. Highly recommend this studio.” – Marissa Barnier.

Every company in every industry would love to say that they have the same kind of reputation as The DAM Studios, so we sat down with Owner, Jessica Page, to find out what their secret is. Here’s what she had to say.

What is your secret to such a strong online reputation?

We put people first in everything we do. Instead of creating a specific formula that all of our clients must fit into, we cater to our clients as individuals. Although we treat every client with the utmost respect and dignity, we are always willing to mold our services to our clients’ individual needs.

We encourage our clients and students to post while they are in the studios, and we ask for reviews as our clients are walking out the door. If they leave happy, they’ll leave a review.

What makes you different? In other words, if you had one minute to sell somebody on why they should choose you, what would you say?

With bachelor’s and master’s degrees, our staff members and teachers are more than qualified. We truly respect and value the education and knowledge that’s required to provide next-level service in our field, but at the same time, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Our staff and teachers understand the theory and education behind everything we do, but our goal is also to make our classes fun. In fact, I refer to myself as an “artistic entertainer.”

Why do you do what you do? In other words, what is your mission and/or how do you attempt to make the world a better place?

The world is a stressful place, and at The DAM Studios, we believe that, by incorporating dance into everyday life, we are able to help our clients find an outlet for stress relief, self-expression, amusement and fun!

Outside of building a strong online reputation, what else do you do to market and grow your business?

Most dance schools operate under old business school models, but we’ve learned that you have to incorporate tech into the classroom. In the near future, we want to incorporate live-feed and Skype classes in order to expose students to other cultures and the broader world of dance because, wherever you are in the world, dance means something different.

What advice do you have for other businesses trying to build a strong online reputation and grow their business?

The best advice I can give is to simply ask for help when you need it.

At Top Rated Local, we’d like to thank Jessica for taking the time to share your wisdom, as well as congratulate the entire team at The DAM Studios for being 2018 Top Rated Local award winner!

If you’d like to learn more about The DAM Studios, visit them online today!

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