Tips for Getting a Great Workout From Home

You don’t have to go to the gym to get a great workout

Although fitness centers are now opening in some states, many more will be closed for at least a while longer. Even if the fitness centers near you are open, you may not feel quite comfortable frequenting one yet, and that’s OK.

Just because you’re not going to a gym or a fitness center, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on fitness! Anyone can get in a great workout from home. It presents different challenges than working out at the gym, but with a little know-how, you can be just as successful from home.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

#1. Get what you need

You can get in an effective workout with no equipment at all, but, depending on your goals and what you want to do, you may want to invest in a little bit of equipment to help you get started. Bodyweight exercises are awesome, but simple equipment, like dumbbells or free weights, can open up the possibilities even more.

Not sure you want to invest in workout equipment for your home? Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives to traditional equipment that are already in your home:

  • Chairs – Want to do tricep dips but don’t have a bench? A sturdy chair is a great alternative. You can also utilize a chair for incline pushups, side skaters, leg raises and more.
  • Canned goods – Who needs free weights when you have a pair of soup cans?
  • Wall – There are so many different exercises that you can do by using the wall, including wall sits, wall planks and more.
  • Laundry detergent bottle – Have a full bottle of laundry detergent? Use it to build strength, like with soup cans. The handles make it easy to hold for your workout.
  • Stairs – Who needs a stair stepper when you have the real thing? Walking or running up and down the stairs is a great way to get your heart pumping.

Some fitness centers are also offering equipment rentals, so you might be able to get some of your favorite equipment at home without having to actually buy it. It never hurts to call and ask!

#2. Put together a plan

Now that you have the right workout equipment (or the appropriate at-home alternatives), you need to put a plan in place! If you go into your workout without having a real idea of what you want to do or what you want to accomplish, you’ll end up wasting a lot of your time trying to figure it out.

Just like you would focus on certain muscle groups in a workout at the gym, you can do the same thing at home, alternating the muscle groups you focus on each day. This will help to ensure that you’re working out each area of the body. In addition to building strength, make sure to include cardiovascular exercises and exercises to improve flexibility and balance.

Don’t change up your workout routine too often. If you do, you probably won’t make much progress in it. Instead, stick to the same routine for a while, adding more weight or more repetitions each week or as you progress.

#3. Carve out time in your schedule

Some people find going to the gym easy because it’s a part of their regular routine. When you can get your workout in on your way to work, on your way home from work or even on your lunch break, it’s easy to fit it into your day.

With coronavirus, though, many of our typical routines have gone out the window. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t establish one at home, and when you do, make sure that you carve out some time for your workout.

If you’re anything like me, then you won’t do your workout unless you have time dedicated to it. By making it a part of your schedule, even if it’s just for 30 minutes, you’ll ensure that you make time for fitness each day.

#4. Find a buddy to keep you accountable

Staying motivated in any fitness routine is challenging enough as it is, especially when you’re first starting out and haven’t started to see any results yet. But, just like at the gym, having someone to hold you accountable can go a long way.

If you’re living with a spouse, partner or roommate, take the opportunity to challenge each other and hold each other accountable. You can even work out together, which will make it more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

But, you don’t have to live with someone in order to hold each other accountable. Find a friend who also wants to get in shape, and check-in with them every day via Zoom, Google Hangouts or even by text to keep each other motivated.

#5. Watch your form

One of the biggest challenges of working out on your own is watching your own form. That’s especially true for strength training exercises, like squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc. It’s easy to fall out of the right form, particularly if you try to lift more weight than you’re ready for.

The bad news is that performing exercises incorrectly could potentially result in an injury, which will only set you back in your fitness goals. At the very least, doing exercises wrong could make them less effective than they could be.

The good news is that there are plenty of resources available online to help you learn how to perform each exercise properly. And, to make sure that you’re sticking to the right form, it’s always a good idea to work out in front of a mirror when possible.

#6. Take advantage of online classes or training

Just because you may not be physically working out at your local fitness center, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of their offerings. Many fitness centers are offering online group fitness classes and personal training sessions.

Group fitness classes can be a fun way to try a new form of exercise, like yoga or Pilates, as well as to learn new moves and push yourself in new ways. And with online group classes, you can enjoy all of the benefits from your very own living room.

Many local personal trainers have also moved their offerings online. With online personal training, your personal trainer can guide you through curated workouts, help you dial in your nutrition and more, all without having to actually go to the gym.

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Originally published 5/15/20

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Get Fit in 2020

Every new year, millions of people resolve to get healthy.

The top five New Year’s resolutions this year were:

  1. To exercise to get in shape.
  2. To diet to lose weight.
  3. To save money.
  4. To eat healthier, in general.
  5. To do something for self-care.

Three, maybe even four of these resolutions all amount to the same thing — getting healthy and getting in shape.

Unfortunately, getting in shape is also the most common New Year’s resolution that’s abandoned by the end of February, but if it was your 2020 resolution, it’s not too late to make this the year that you finally keep it.

Even if you spent the whole month of January eating donuts and hamburgers, lying on the couch, and never once in the gym or on the treadmill, it’s still not too late! You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the new year — or even the beginning of a new week — to start changing your life.

You can start now, and you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of small changes you can make to get fit that can make a huge difference in your health and in your life.

5 Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Get Fit in 2020

#1. Move a little every day.

For too many people, getting in shape means following a strict diet and a challenging fitness program. But, when your plan for success gets too strict or extreme, you’re much less likely to stick with it. There’s no rule that says that, in order to lose weight or get fit, you need to spend an hour in the gym every day.

For a lot of people, a much more effective way to actually get healthier is to set a much smaller, more realistic goal of simply finding a way to move a little bit each day. Whether this means doing an elliptical workout, following along with a 20-minute yoga video, or simply going on a walk, it’s important to remember that a little bit of exercise done consistently is more effective than a lot of exercises done once.

#2. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Dieting, arguably, plays a much bigger role in weight loss than exercise does (if you’re looking at calories alone). The fact of the matter is that it’s much easier to simply avoid eating that 563-calorie Big Mac than it is to spend hours in the gym working it off. However, that doesn’t mean that you should try to implement big, sweeping dietary changes into your life.

The key to successful change is change that you can stick with consistently. So, instead of implementing a strict diet, try to just eat more fruits and vegetables instead. Fruits and vegetables are much more nutrient-dense and much less calorie-dense than most other foods. When you consciously try to eat more of them, that leaves less space for foods that aren’t so healthy.

#3. Drink more water.

Staying hydrated is a big part of getting (and staying) healthy. And, nothing hydrates you quite as well as water does. But, the benefits of drinking water go far beyond mere hydration, so make it a point to drink water frequently every single day.

Unlike the vast majority of other beverages you could be quenching your thirst with, water has zero calories. You can drink as much as you want of it without ever having to update your calorie counter or even think about it. Furthermore, when you drink plenty of water, it helps to help you feel more satiated and full, which will help you avoid overeating.

#4. Get more sleep.

If long hours in the gym or overly restrictive diets are preventing you from getting in shape, you might be interested to learn that, by simply sleeping more, you can do your health a favor. When you don’t get enough sleep at night, it makes cravings for unhealthy foods unbearably strong and it makes sticking with a consistent exercise schedule almost impossible. When you feel rested, it makes it easier to stick with a healthier diet and exercise plan.

If you’re having trouble getting enough sleep at night, there are a few things you can try that might make a difference:

  • Keep the same sleep schedule every night.
  • Avoid overstimulating yourself before bedtime with television and tablets.
  • Make your room dark at bedtime, and turn your alarm clock away.
  • Keep a journal with thoughts and anxieties that are keeping you up at night.

#5. Surround yourself with people who have healthy habits.

Even if you’re doing everything right for your health in your day-to-day life, it can be almost impossible to keep healthy habits up when you surround yourself with others who don’t have those same habits. For example, if you’re trying to cut down on drinking beer, you probably won’t find much success if you go to the bars with your beer-drinking friends.

I’m not saying that you should drop your friends with unhealthy habits, but in the beginning, when you’re still trying to form good habits and break not-so-good ones, you’ll be more successful and have an easier time if you surround yourself with like-minded people.

Find a fitness center near you that can help you keep your New Year’s resolution!

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“I love BURN! It is a great place to go and get your sweat on. The instructors are very knowledgeable and teach amazing classes. You get a really personal touch here and it makes such a huge difference in helping you to achieve your fitness goals. The classes are great at BURN, they are challenging and rewarding but also fun! I recommend BURN to anyone who is interested in achieving better fitness and health in a very friendly, personal, and [familial] environment.” -Josh H.

“I have a bad back, which means I have to be very careful in how I exercise. Pilates at BURN is the best way for me to keep my core strong to support my back. I do not injure myself here because the instructors help me tailor the exercises to protect my back. This is an awesome place to go as you age (I’m 54!) to stay in shape. [I’ve] been doing it for almost 3 years and I owe my size 4/6 pants to BURN! Love Steph and all the great instructors. They are well-trained and know their stuff! This place has a great non-judgmental and positive vibe. I always feel better about myself after attending a class.” -Suzanne D.

Not Your Average Fitness Center

Co-owners, Walker and Stephanie Willey, took a moment to speak with us about their business’ reputation and their approach to what they do.

The team at BURN focuses on the entire body as a moving organism, striving to work the entire body. They keep their class sizes small so that each person gets personal trainer style attention. It’s important to Walker and Stephanie that each instructor is able to watch each individual’s form and provide hands-on instruction.

Building Success Through Results That Speak For Themselves

Any business that wants to be an award winner and serve their customers well needs to understand the importance of results. Walker and Stephanie’s advice to other business owners? “Be authentic, which has been our approach. Produce results, it will carry through and shine bright. Stick to what you believe in. Don’t try to overdo yourselves. We have three basic classes and we scale to all individual levels.”

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Walker and Stephanie. Congratulations to the team at BURN for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner!

For a great workout in Salt Lake City, we highly recommend BURN.

Discovering Diverse Fitness Classes

The options for health and wellness classes and memberships are abounding — you can pretty much find anything from kickboxing and other martial arts to group high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and bodybuilding — but the disadvantage to these types of classes is they generally only offer one type of fitness. There are few fitness spaces that offer the diversity and accessibility that cater to every way our bodies move!

Each type of movement and fitness offers a variety of benefits to our bodies, which is why choosing a fitness studio that extends classes that are all-encompassing is hugely important to all parts of us — from body alignment, our mental space, mechanics, and breath.

Choose The Right Fitness Studio

Because you are investing both time and money into your health and wellness, it is important to choose the right one. Much can be said for a fitness studio that offers a variety of classes — you always have a broad range of classes to tailor to your schedule, so if you are ever at a point where exercising isn’t as enjoyable or you have hit a fitness plateau, a fitness studio with multiple classes can help keep things fresh and new.

The atmosphere of the fitness studio can also make your experience more meaningful, so it is crucial to find one that aligns with your values. Does the studio provide a positive, fun, and encouraging space where you can both learn more about your physical body as well as your inner self? Is this a place that supports their instructors and compensates them fairly for their dedication and time? And, is this a fitness space that values community and contributes their time and energy to different organizations to better the people they live amongst?

Find Your Fitness Finesse

Whether you are a seasoned fitness pro or just beginning your fitness journey, having a fitness facility that caters to all different sorts of movement allows you to try new things to find what you really enjoy. Instead of moving from gym to gym trying this class or that type of fitness, having a fitness space that offers it all lets you explore your fitness finesse and try new things you normally wouldn’t be able to access.

It is All About Class Variety

A fitness studio with variety is a true gem amongst the sea of gyms and workout spaces. So, what makes a really great fitness studio? Variety! When you are doing your research, look for a fitness studio that offers an assortment of classes such as:

  • Yoga
  • Spin® class
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Boot Camp
  • Core
  • Tai chi
  • Zumba
  • Muscle Conditioning
  • TRX
  • Personal training

Not only do you get a sprinkling of classes; they are all included into one membership!

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Every Body Balance provides a variety of fitness classes in Southborough, MA, that focus on the whole person and all of their beautiful intricacies — body and mind. The celebration of the way the body moves and transforms is a guiding principle that is brought to every fitness class.