Arizona’s Top Rated Local® Carpet Cleaner Award Winner: Clearly Clean Carpet

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Clearly Clean Carpet is one of the top five carpet cleaners in the entire state of Arizona!

With a 98.00 Rating Score™, an average five-star rating across verified review sites, and dozens of reviews, it is no surprise that we’re announcing Clearly Clean Carpet as a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner. Here are a couple of the reviews that earned them this award:

“We had our carpet cleaned again this year with Clearly Clean and are so happy with the results. Every time our old, dirty, stinky carpet comes out looking and smelling amazing. Dale and [the team] do a great job communicating and performing; the results are even better than I expected. Thanks, Clearly Clean, for another very satisfied customer. I have always been so amazed at the way our carpet looks after Dale cleans it; they are a great company to use. Appreciate your hard work!” -Jeff T.

“Dale and his wife were the best service professionals we’ve ever had come out during the entire six years we have lived in our home. They were friendly, professional, efficient, thorough, have an incredible work ethic, and the end result was nothing less [than] pristine. We can’t recommend them highly enough! Give them a call today.” -Sarah C.

“We have been using Dale (Clearly Clean Carpet), for years now and will continue to. He is hardworking and trustworthy. Over the years, we have fired some questions his way (allergens, tile and grout maintenance, etc.) and he never hesitates to spend time educating us. “ -Emily J.

Not Your Average Carpet Cleaning Company

Dale Witenhafer, the owner of Clearly Clean Carpet, took some time to speak with us about his impressive online reputation.

“Years ago one of my customers told me, ‘you are meticulous.’ And I thought that’s exactly what I am. I don’t skip stuff just because no one is watching. I embody the phrase, ‘attention to detail,’ and I insist that everyone who works for me is the same,” Dale said, when asked what sets Clearly Clean Carpet apart from the crowd.

Building Success Through

We asked Dale what his secret to success is. He said it’s “Two things. First, I truly put my customer first. I actually stand behind my 100% guarantee – if you aren’t thrilled with our work, you don’t pay a dime. Second, I have never used sneaky methods to get online rankings. I strive to provide quality content on my website and everywhere else online.”

His advice to other businesses that want to build and maintain a positive online reputation? “Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t try shortcuts. Make every customer a cheerleader for your business.”

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Dale. Congratulations to the team at Clearly Clean Carpet for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner!

If you’re in the Gilbert, Arizona, area and are in need of expert carpet cleaning, we strongly recommend Clearly Clean Carpet.

California’s Top Rated Local® Carpet Cleaner Award Winner: Valley Carpet Care

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Valley Carpet Care is the number one carpet cleaning service in the whole state of California!

With a perfect 100.00 Rating Score™ and more than 600 online reviews, Valley Carpet Care has certainly earned their 2018 Top Rated Local award! Here are just to of the many reviews that contribute to their excellent online reputation:

“Look no further — this is a carpet cleaning company you can trust! I’m a repeat customer and am impressed with every interaction I’ve had with Valley Carpet Care. I’ve mainly used them in my rental properties in the past. Today, I want to give a special shout out to the technician that came to my personal home — [he] did a superb job! I’m house sitting a dog and needed some special sanitation and deodorization treatment. My carpet has never looked or smelled better! [He] was extremely knowledgeable, detailed, and pleasant to work with” -Trish F.

“I called Valley Carpet asking for a carpet cleaning, but I needed it ASAP. They were more than helpful in making that happen, in fact, they were able to come the next day. The service tech showed up on time and did the walkthrough, telling me everything he was going to do explaining all costs associated with them. I have a brand new baby (my granddaughter) at the house all the time and I wanted it sanitized above and beyond a typical cleaning. By the time [the service tech] finished, not only did he do exactly what I asked and what he said he would do, but the carpet throughout the house looks brand new AND the house smells amazing…” -Melissa S.

Not Your Average Carpet Cleaning Company

Valley Carpet Care owner, Ken Lane, took a little while to speak with us regarding his business’ terrific online reviews and overall success. The first thing we wanted to know is what sets Ken’s business apart. “It’s a combination of the price point and the quality. “ he said, “Not everyone has a machine like ours; the RX20. It gives a lot more agitation, which leads to a cleaner carpet.”

Building Success By Doing The Right Thing

Ken and his team are clearly experts at service, as evidenced by the online reviews they’ve received. His advice to other business owners? “Just try to do the right thing! Try to make sure the customer is happy before you leave. If not, fix the problem before you go. When our customers are happy with their experience, our guys tell them that letting other people know really helps us out! For the first couple of years, be prepared for things to be hard. The same thing has worked for 100 years; be fair and treat people right!”

Thank you for speaking with us, Ken, and congratulations to you and your team at Valley Carpet Care for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner!

For superior carpet cleaning services in Sacramento, we highly recommend Valley Carpet Care!

California’s Top Rated Local® Carpet Cleaner Award Winner: All American Carpet Care

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that All American Carpet Care has landed a spot among the top 10 carpet cleaners in the entire state of California!

We are thrilled to announce that, due to an amazing 98.81 Rating Score™, All American Carpet Care is a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner! Here are just two of the reviews that got them here:

“Recently, my partner and I tried to re-sand and reseal our 800 sq. ft backyard paver area, and the material we used didn’t dry right and caused a serious problem! We called All American Carpet & Tile, and [they] jumped into action. [The employee we worked with], along with [the] stain specialist, took great care in spending about two days working on the messed up pavers that were “milky white” after we tried to do it ourselves. It turned out great, and we really appreciate their extra efforts in getting it done prior to our 4th of July party! Thank you both again for your expertise and action! They have done a great job on our home carpets in the past, so [we] highly recommend them for that too!” -Budd B.

“This is the best carpet cleaning in San Diego! I will never go anywhere else. They are super prompt with scheduling. My carpets are super clean and smell awesome, [and] the staff is superb! Their machinery is top-end, so my carpets are practically dry when they leave. I used to have a white fabric couch, and it always looked brand new by the time they were finished. I recently sold a house, and they came and cleaned the carpets, it had a really harsh dog smell [that lasted even through the first cleaning], and they came back happily without charging and did it a second time. The also don’t use chemicals, so my carpets are kid and pet-friendly.” -Angela C.

Not Your Average Carpet Cleaning Company

Office manager, Sandi Russell, took some time to chat with us about All American Carpet Cleaning’s phenomenal online reputation and overall success. When asked what makes this company stand out, she said, “Our guys do a lot of training, much of it not on the job. In fact, the owner expects it and pays for the training. We only use the best products, too. We are also one of the few companies that does area rugs, including high end Oriental and Persian rugs. Tile, porcelain, and granite cleaning is also in our wheelhouse. Our owner, Mike Bruno, is an expert in carpet repairs. He’s able to go in and restore a small section of carpet that has been stained or otherwise destroyed.”

Building Success Through Excellent Work

So, what made the online reputation of All American Carpet Cleaning so great? “We get good reviews because we’re good! I started asking for reviews when people call and thank us for doing such a great job!” said Sandi, “You’ve got to actively work at it. Reach out to your clients for reviews, ask people for the business, and work hard on making sure you do great work. Business will not just fall into your lap!”

Congratulations to the team at All American Carpet Cleaning for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner!

Utah’s Top Rated Local® Carpet Cleaners Award Winner: Snyder’s Chem-Dry

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that Snyder’s Chem-Dry is a 2018 award winner for carpet cleaners in Utah!

If you’re in the market for carpet cleaning in Spanish Fork, there’s no better company to turn to than Snyder’s Chem-Dry.

Snyder’s Chem-Dry has earned more than 100 online reviews with an average rating of 4.87 stars, an extraordinary 96.69 Rating Score™ and a 2018 Top Rated Local award for being ranked among the top 10 carpet cleaners in all of Utah!

Here is just one of the many five-star reviews their happy clients have given them:

“We love the job Snyder’s did on our carpets, rugs and furniture. They were on time, professional, and very easy to work with. Everything looks and smells brand new. Thanks for doing such a great job. We certainly will use you again.” – Karen S

Not Your Average Carpet Cleaning Company

The team at Snyder’s Chem-Dry has an exceptional track record as far as customer service is concerned. If their customers aren’t happy with their services, they’ll always make it right by correcting any mistakes. And if that wasn’t enough, they also back every service with a 30-day guarantee, giving their clients added peace of mind.

Another thing that sets Snyder’s Chem-Dry apart is their commitment to using green, eco-friendly products. These products are not only designed to effectively clean but also to maintain the health and safety of the home.

We asked the office manager of Snyder’s Chem-Dry, Brenda Dudley, why they do what they do. Here’s what she had to say:

“We know the importance of a clean and healthy home environment, and we make sure every service we provide is nothing but the best. We go the extra mile by customizing and analyzing your facility, making sure that your needs and wants are being met, and then we deliver the service at your convenience.”

Building Success Through Top-Quality Service

Brenda credits the strong online reputation that Snyder’s Chem-Dry has built to the top-quality service they provide for their customers, as well as their focus on providing results that earn complete satisfaction. They also work to build and maintain relationships with their customers to ensure a pleasant experience.

After the service is complete, the team at Snyder’s will go above and beyond by sending their customers thank-you cards. And they send holiday cards to their current customers, as well as seasonal and holiday promotions.

Word of mouth has been key to growth at Snyder’s Chem-Dry, and they participate in as much local networking as possible. Furthermore, they get their name out there with their Facebook page.

We asked Brenda what advice she has for other business owners looking to grow their business and build their online reputation. Here’s what she had to say:

“Make customer service your number one priority. Get to know your customers, know what they want and take care of their needs. There is no need to play guessing games. Make a good impression, and go above and beyond their wants and needs. Happy customers will spread the word about businesses they like. Be transparent with all customers to create a trustworthy relationship.”

Congratulations to the team at Snyder’s Chem-Dry for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner, and thank you so much, Brenda, for taking the time to speak with us!

If you’re in need of efficient, effective carpeting cleaning services in Spanish Fork, we highly recommend Snyder’s Chem-Dry. Best of all, if you call now, you can take advantage of their special — two to three rooms for only $99!  Visit their site today!

Arizona’s Top Rated Local® Carpet Cleaners Award Winner: Dr. Chem-Dry Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that, thanks to their outstanding Rating Score™, Dr. Chem-Dry Carpet & Tile Cleaning is a 2018 award winner!

For consumers in Phoenix looking for reliable, effective carpet cleaning services, no other company beats Dr. Chem-Dry Carpet & Tile Cleaning. This one-of-a-kind carpet cleaning company has earned hundreds of positive online reviews, an enviable 96.82 Rating Score and a 2018 Top Rated Local award.

“I absolutely LOVE Dr. Chem-Dry! They are so very courteous, and they do a great job every time! Jeremy is an awesome guy who knows his stuff and gives me great results! I have already and will continue to recommend them to anyone. Thanks, Dr. Chem-Dry; my carpets look beautiful!” – Marcia N

Marcia’s is one of many five-star reviews that Dr. Chem-Dry has received throughout their many years of service in the Phoenix area, and we think it perfectly demonstrates the fact that Dry Chem-Dry is not like any other carpeting cleaning company.

Not Your Average Carpet Cleaning Company

Many consumers nowadays are looking for environmentally friendly options, and Dr. Chem-Dry has set out to meet that need by providing their clients with top-quality, patented and certified green products. The best part is that, not only are their products green but they’re also effective. Helping clients find a more affordable solution to replacing soiled carpets and rugs, Dr. Chem-Dry’s solutions are so effective that they can return even pet-stained surfaces to like-new conditions again.

With most carpet cleaning services, clients are stuck waiting for one to two days before their carpet is dry, but Dr. Chem-Dry utilizes 80 percent less water in their formula, and since it’s carbonated, it allows for a very quick dry time — only one to two hours!

Furthermore, Dr. Chem-Dry prides itself on its stellar customer service. Every customer that turns to Dr. Chem-Dry is treated with the utmost care and attention.

We asked Dr. Chem Dry’s Operations Manager, Jorel Cook, why Dr. Chem-Dry does what they do. Here’s what he had to say:

“We’re family owned and operated and understand what our local clients need. We have the personal care and attention that our local friends and family really enjoy and appreciate. We provide healthier homes and living spaces for people. Since our products are safe and non-toxic, they reduce and eliminate 98 percent of most common allergens in the home, like dust and pet dander.”

Building Success With a Client-Centered Approach

Dr. Chem-Dry always strives to put its clients first and truly listen to what they need, because it allows them to provide the highest level of service and meet its clients’ expectations. This client-centered approach has helped them build their business through repeat customers and referrals.

We asked Jorel what advice he had for other businesses that are working on growing and building their reputation. Here are his simple yet powerful words of wisdom:

“Listen to your customers and exceed their expectations.”

Congratulations to the team at Dr. Chem-Dry Carpet & Tile Cleaning for being a 2018 Top Rated Local award winner, and thank you so much, Jorel, for taking the time to share your secrets to success!

If you’re looking for an effective carpet cleaning service in Phoenix, we can confidently recommend that you work with Dr. Chem-Dry & Tile Cleaning. Visit their website today to learn more about what they do and who they are.

Colorado’s Top Rated Local® Carpet Cleaning Award Winner: Angie’s Carpet Care

We are thrilled to announce that Angie’s Carpet Care, a carpet cleaning service in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a 2018 Top Rated Local® award winner! Due to their excellent 97.5 Rating Score™, they’ve skyrocketed to the top of the Top Rated Local rankings.

Here are a couple of our favorite reviews Angie’s Carpet Care has received:

“I bought a used car from a friend. It had a lot of stains on the seats and the floor. I employed Angie’s Carpet Care to detail my car. I was shocked by the results. When I got my car back, it looked brand new. I could hardly believe this was the same car. Thank you for doing such an amazing job.” -Tonya B.

“Had a bit of a mess after our dogs got a virus from a groomer. We did the best we could and the fantastic cleaners from Angie’s took care of the rest. It is like nothing was ever there! I have 9 year old light carpet, too, and they made it all look brand new. They were priced a bit higher than other companies and worth every stinking penny. They are my go-to now and will recommend them in all of my real estate transactions, too!” -Megan S.

Vice-president, Brandon M. Kirk, took a moment to speak with us about his company’s online reputation and dedication to providing the very best service. Check out what he had to say:

What is your secret to such a strong online reputation?

We focus on customer satisfaction and providing excellent service. Our clients appreciate and reward quality. If there is ever an issue with our work, we fix it immediately with no hassle to the client.

What makes you different? In other words, if you had one minute to sell somebody on why they should choose you, what would you say?

Our company’s culture attracts the attention of potential clients and keeps current ones around. The fact that our focus remains steadily on customer satisfaction, not how many jobs we can pack in every day, and that really makes us shine in comparison to other companies.

Why do you do what you do? In other words, what is your mission and/or how do you attempt to make the world a better place?

We work with seniors often, and we’ve trained our staff on how to meet the specific needs of our aging population. Personally, I mentor my team members and speak at local high schools about entrepreneurship and goal setting.

Outside of building a strong online reputation, what else do you do to market and grow your business?

Our work does a lot of the marketing for itself. We spend more time on training and professional development than our competitors do, and we network across our community in a wide variety of organizations.

What advice do you have for other businesses trying to build a strong online reputation and grow their business?

Stand behind your work and understand the lifetime value of the customer.

Congratulations to the entire team at Angie’s Carpet Care, and thank you, Brandon, for your time!

If you are looking for exemplary carpet cleaning services in the Colorado Springs area, we recommend Angie’s Carpet Care. You can learn more about them by visiting their website.

Colorado’s Top Rated Local® Carpet Cleaning Company Award Winner: Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning

Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning is the premier carpet cleaning company in Colorado Springs, and they have the technology and the experience to clean even the most soiled carpet, upholstery, ceramic tile, grout and area rugs.

Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning provides next-level carpet cleaning services, and we’re proud to say that they’re 2018’s Top Rated Local® Award Winning carpet cleaning company in Colorado.

When you need carpet cleaning in Colorado Springs, there’s one company that stands above the rest — Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning. Founded in 2011, this one-of-a-kind carpet cleaning company has grown its client list to the thousands and has built a reputation on excellence. Here are just a couple of the amazing reviews they earned over the years:

“I can always count on these guys to do a great job, even on those tough-to-get spots, and they try everything they can to get your carpet looking great. I always use this company! The staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you!” – Sara W

“My carpets were quite dirty, as was my couch and loveseat. When the guys from Hydro Clean were done, my carpets and upholstery looked and smelled like new! They were very professional and took the time to put covers around the wall corners so their equipment wouldn’t damage the walls. They were friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable about the products they used and recommended. I trust them with my house and would definitely use them again. They’re a high-quality company!” – Diana Burcher

To find out what sets Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning apart from the many other companies in their industry, we sat down with the company’s owner, Brandon Kirk.

What is your secret to such a strong online reputation?

After each job, we follow up with our customers to ensure that they are satisfied with our work. We also work on getting reviews from our clients every day, and we pay close attention to the reviews we get.

What makes you different? In other words, if you had one minute to sell somebody on why they should choose you, what would you say?

When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands because every job we complete is backed by our no-hassle guarantee.

We also know that it’s our staff who make the biggest difference, which is why each person on our team goes through an extensive training program and is certified on the science involved in the cleaning process.

Why do you do what you do? In other words, what is your mission and/or how do you attempt to make the world a better place?

Hydro Clean is a very well-known name in the carpet cleaning industry, and part of the reason for this is that I mentor other business owners who may not have as much experience in the field. I also speak at local high schools about setting goals and entrepreneurship.

Outside of building a strong online reputation, what else do you do to market and grow your business?

We do a ton of networking, and we are involved in many different networking organizations. We also belong to three different chambers of commerce, and we are active on social media.

What advice do you have for other businesses trying to build a strong online reputation and grow their business?

In this day and age, you can’t survive without online marketing, so our number one piece of advice is to find a mentor who can help you master it.

Congratulations to the team at Hydro Carpet Cleaning on becoming 2018’s Top Rated Local Award Winner for carpet cleaning companies in Colorado!

If you’re in the market for reliable, high-quality carpet cleaning services, turn to Hydro Clean Carpet Cleaning!